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Kfbk. Hey. From ABC News on Michelle Franzen. The gunman, identified in the mass shooting in Indianapolis, was known to police and the FBI and a former employee of the shipping company. 19 Year Old Brandon, whole last worked at the FedEx Warehouse in Indianapolis. In 2020 detectives have served several search warrants at multiple locations. Are continuing to gather evidence to determine the facts that led up to Thursday night's incident. Deputy Indianapolis police chief Craig McCarten said Hole had a couple of prior run ins with police, including one in which a gun was seized. Authorities are still working to identify the eight people he shot before he turned the rifle on himself as police arrived. Aaron Carter Ski ABC news president Biden at the White House, wrapping up bilateral talks with Japan's prime minister, both leaders expected to hold a joint conference in the Rose Garden. Talks reportedly centered on China, North Korea and climate change. Earlier, the president signed an order aimed at speeding up refugee emissions to the U. S. But he did not lift the Trump administration's historically low cap of 15,000 refugees for this year, the White House now pushing back on criticism. Saying the president will move to lift the trump era refugee caps next month. Top health officials sounding the alarm that is Corona virus cases rise across the country again as the number of new covert 19 cases in the U. S. Approaches 70,000 per day. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has this warning What I'm most concerned about Numbers, which are most on my mind or the rising cases. Health officials say the highly contagious UK variant is contributing to a rise in new infections, hospitalizations and deaths, with the national Daily Average of covert deaths up nearly 11% in the past week. Liz officials. The ABC News Washington for the first time since 1959, the leader of Cuba does not have the last name. Castro Raul Castro, Stepping down today is the head of Cuba's Communist Party, ending the era of former leadership that began with his brother Fidel. You're listening to ABC News from California's Capital City. This is Sacramento's news 93.1. Hey, FBK. I'm John Prine Iz at 202 with your top local stories. The union representing bus drivers and custodians and the Sacramento City Unified School District has announced a two day strike. They're upset with the district's proposal for child care and physical distancing guidelines. S C I U 10 21 members will strike at all Sac City unified campuses on April 22nd and 23rd Strike dates fall on the first day, middle and high school students are said to return to campus. Major sports teams in Northern California are prepping to get fans back into the stands. But this season, the game plan has changed Mask requirement. Social distancing and spacing in the stands have to be expected. Sacramento River Cats general manager Chip Maxon says Sutter Health Park will not be checking for proof of vaccination or a negative covert test. But capacity is limited and they'll want to see what you have in your bag. You have AH nuclear bag policy similar to what the NFL done for years similar to PGA events, so that's not necessarily new to a lot of our faith. It's just new for us to try and avoid the additional contact across the river of Golden One center. The one big difference is if you want to attend a Sacramento Kings game testing vaccines and a health screening are required prior to entry. Traffic.

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