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Some of the texts about bohemian rhapsody. Dean love the movie good good job interview. Thank you. Loved the movie Pam in Palatine. Thank you six three zero area code. I laughed. I cried identified in my seat five six three area code. I loved the movie very enjoyable. Here's one that says dean, you need to watch the video of the Muppets singing bohemian rhapsody. I don't think I've ever seen that. I haven't either. I am definitely check that out love that six three oh area. Codeine OMG bohemian rhapsody is amazing. Totally captures the times. I think that's I think that's a key. That a lot of reviewers are missing with this that it completely captures the seventies and the eighties. Here's one that says from eight one five I wish they would have morphed into real footage of the Live Aid concert through the credits. I thought they did I seem to remember that they did show reel footage of the Live Aid concert at the end of the movie. Here's a seventy eight area code sought an Orland last night. Absolutely loved it. It's first concert that we saw in one thousand nine hundred seventy six we think the casting was perfect five star show. So people people seem to be enjoying it. But that said, you know, everyone's certainly entitled to their opinion quick break. We update news. Then my interview with the man who plays, Freddie, Mercury in the movie Romney Malik is next on WGN. I know.

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