Oprah, President Trump, Canada discussed on Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podcast


I really believe that you know yeah i mean i know oprah's made kind of a religion out of it now people want her to be president but i mean uh god i i do believe that i sat in canada watching bob hope on tv when i was a kid and to say to any of my friends are going to work with that guy there they would have thought of course committed none of the ira's in dundas ontario canada but you know hollywood bob hope might it was well been on mars for its accessibility to dave thomas and and you were saying that people come up to you and they say how can i make it in show business and that means they're never gonna make him because if they asked that question are already disadvantaged the people that make an or the people who the question name the us emma's is there anything that could have stopped you that you know they were so relentless an you know when i when i when i i told you when i got that advertising job i was relentless i with our made a fake ads i went through the yellow pages iphone every addict since he i'd doors slammed in my face i knew it was going to be bad and the whole job in this business and its worst today i mean i've the sun that's in the business and in it's just it's harder for actors today than it ever was i got in at a lucky time i got in when they were paying before the internet lowered the bar and lowered the money were that your ios her up and right yeah absolutely well there's so much free content named in the next generation is used the bank.

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