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So we caught the plane down there. My goodness I'm standing at the top of the plane looking down and I wanted to get right back on that plane and Henry. Pack to Rome. Half the town without their press photographers. All over flowers ready. We knew that ninety percent of the people the lowest were expecting right behind. Us would be walking. Joe Dimaggio little. Do they know that his replacements were walking off the plane they said to myself. How are we ever going to handle this one? Some of my Sadovy Semenya Dale Watson. Visit enter the level. They might much of research shows that there were waiting like residents nine stage. They Magin Joe Dimaggio because most people resulted effeminate. Don't really him is something. Ideal would be to the innate regardless they had provided all the school children with little American flags to wave. When you arrive in the kids are being trained with bit sad. The kids have been ruled. Trained WHEN HE ARRIVED TO CHANT. English rerun. Joe. We want Joe. We wanted show so not knowing what else to do. These sturdy. Chantel rewind Joe. We chop off. I thought I was his son and we had to tell him that I was not his son and when we got there they were fifty people with television cameras all over the world looking around wondering what they they weren't sure we get into this quaint little town and we noticed that it is dressed to the hilt. Apparently the town had taken just about their tire year's budget and prepared everything for this visit of Joe Dimaggio flags on every single house going down. The street repainted. All the boats in the harbour as we walked through the narrow street town is huge. Entourage of of more than thousand people simply following us like this very long sinuous snake. I felt so sorry for job. Not being there. They took us to the church. Parents were married. The bishop of the district came bliss and it was almost like an audience with the pope versus the D job. The House of Joe Dimaggio's parents Bishop Jason. Our SHARE IN AMERICA SHOULD EMERGE. As Roma's born here. This House no hospital. Now Clinic here margin bothered the highlight of jundallah cheap Dina. That is a tour of the village was to be the house. Where Joe Dimaggio's parents I lived after they're married and before the emigrated to Martinez California the Dimaggio family even in San Francisco meet living as fisherman and presumably without the escape route of baseball. Join Dimaggio's the stayed in Sicily as GIUSEPPI DIMAGGIO. Junior would have been a fisherman like his dad as relativization. United States the Jodi my jaw by your mic USA domain cannot eat so we find a relative of Joe Dimaggio. His father and Judy Maja father enjoyed thirty. Five years. That's a works in the as a butcher incur. Bobino doing shop when we are talking last year to prepare. When Joe was not run everything was already. Everybody was waiting him. I'm very disappointed. Because they're waiting for him to Pittsburgh named for East La de la Feminists Sister City Pittsburg California on the Piazza. They Have Bank of twenty microphones and I had. My Italian is not that good and I had memorized in Italian. I wanted to tell them that. Joe Is sick and then he was very sorry that he couldn't be there. It was one of the probably the great sorrows of his life and all of the people were saying an Italian. That's okay as long as JOE'S HEALTHY. That's all we care about five thousand of them screaming. It was the most moving moment of my entirely. They felt that they had Joe. Dimaggio there by the time. They were time in fact he got done talking. Throngs of young people come up with their baseball's asking him. He signed hundreds and hundreds of balls that day. They wanted me to sign. Joe Dimaggio's name and I said I can't do that. There's no way that I could do that on the other hand. All the kids of this town wanted a baseball. That had something to do with Joe Dimaggio so I signed these. Baseball's Ken Changli for Joe Dimaggio. I'm sure it's a unique. Baseball can Changli for Joe Dimaggio joining my Jewish. Although the mayor of selecting the Feminine Bombini Abundant. This man Kam Changli like Jodi magic become very famous hearing Is Vulgar Jody? They arranged for dinner and the problem in the town was that everyone wanted to sit with your modu. This was a dinner for about three hundred people so what they did was. They took this table and they had it meander around the room. This continuous table. That just never ended. Everyone sat at the head table feeding remainder being gone right lack. Judy Majerus here the Party Gun. Well everything's gone well. Jody modules nothing here but it was like it was year anyway. Fulsome integer the orange. Well I think it was the first time that they had the opportunity to celebrate the fact that their village had in a sense produce this great American herald the most. Sit Out it. Caleb bullets the local simplicity reports about that elaborates. Nicholson it got either. Two showed defended the words that is on an effeminate Kabashi. There are people who don't want talk with Mafia but all good things and there's good deals have to fight against the assassination of Kona oversleep after the news conference. You went to the water. A fisherman happened to be coming in and I just got that that sense of timeless history for centuries those people have come in every day and we saw the unloading their nets and the fish. And I thought this is what Joe's parents or father and grandparents did. It's obvious that's where Jodi Macho came from. And that's why he is who he is. When I say it shower making sure that we still need to go get to keep the throne still waiting for him before next year. Yeah inviting Jordan. Magic to come back to his family because they are still waiting for him. Villanova growth in the this is from Ernest. Hemingway's the old man and the sea. I would like to take the Great Dimaggio Fishing Bill. Man said they say his father was a fisherman. Maybe as poor as we talk and would understand. The great sister's father was never poor and he. The father was playing in the big leagues when he was my age. When I was your age I was before the masks on a square rigged ship that ran to Africa and I have seen lions on the beach and evening. I know you told me. Should we talk about Africa or about Baseball Baseball? And think boy said I'll be back when I have the Sardines I'll keep yours and mine together on ice and we can share them in the morning. When I come back you can tell me about the baseball. The Yankees cannot lose but I feel the Indians of Cleveland. Have faith the Yankees my son? Think of the Great Domi- Joe..

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