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All over Tampa Bay. Morning. It's webs day morning here. As a matter of fact, eight forty two and we're going to hear from our listener. Now, first of all a happy birthday. Shoutout. Bill. Murphy suffering a birthday today. Mile compadres from channel thirteen in bay news nine days and right now Steve in Bradenton takes over the show. What do you think Steve? Hey, Mike my calls about the the tax game. Preset they passed. They said that a one cent tax for the transportation is going to net ninety billion over thirty years. So that's three billion a year. One penny equals three billion. Now. The education tax was a half a penny. But they're only saying that's one hundred and thirty one million a year now either using common core math or somebody's lying. And go math. Both. That's a good point half said should bring half as much as one penny. But not quite doing it. According to that that says so pockets are getting filled somewhere, I guess so that might be a problem. Anyway, let's go to Ben in Polk County. What's up, Ben? Yeah. That people have messed up and they voted for that that hound dog amendment. The humane treatment of animals is a fundamental value. The people of the state of Florida and that right there is why they put that on the ballot. They want that language in the constitution. You can Mark my words they're gonna go after ranchers. Ed farmers. Larry park zoo Busch gardens hunters, fishermen, the pita and human Amel notch are waiting in the wings to attack everything in Florida. Did that cause your milk prices are gonna go up your meat Russia's gonna go up? Everything's gonna go up over that. Yeah. That's what we were saying earlier. This thing is too wide open the pita can go after anybody the butcher's cows now and certainly should stop the horse racing industry because they're whipping horses when they're riding him. Well, the dog thing may not if you think about it with gambling here maybe the Seminole Indian Delopez dog track. They can't do anything about that Kim. Now, that's a good point. Oh, I like my idea. I think sometimes. Zonda.

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