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So that we can identify individuals who do have the virus and make sure that they stay away from individuals who don't have the virus for two weeks and not less we have that we're stuck with social distance scene in shelter in place so far the county has struggled to find enough people willing to take up this work a challenge Smith chalks up to the misconception that it would be carried out in person they think that they would be exposed to the virus so that's why I want to make it clear that that's not true in fact he says the tracing interviews will take place by phone test step up its out reach efforts the county is also partnering with local community groups like the San Jose rotary club and the league of women voters you can learn more at Santa Clara county's website in San Jose keep Menconi KCBS Lassen county is one of California's most remote counties it has prided itself on having no confirmed cases of covert nineteen and began planning to re opened earlier this month but now is the Sacramento bee reports it's believed to be the first in the state to retract those plans because of a potential new outbreak tested confirmed four of its thirty thousand full time residents of current confirmed to have the coronavirus Lassen county's public health director is calling the new infections a serious problem well the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns of hit museums hard drying up ticket revenues as a result California's California academy of sciences says that it is laying off more than a hundred of its employees for allowing others in cutting pay in hours for the rest of its staff the nonprofit museum and research center says on its website that the changes for its five hundred and four employees will begin June thirteenth it is able to continue pay employees until then because it's received more than eight million dollars from the federal paycheck protection program just ahead on KCBS I'm Jim Taylor California leads a couple of dozen states suing the trump administration over clean air the CBS news time to eight same time for the afternoon's first check of traffic.

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