VA, Senator, President Trump discussed on Erskine Overnight


And a half years for hip replacement this type of thing but the va is unconscionable those who serve the country those who were willing to give their lives and once they got out they were firstly discarded and forgotten money wasn't the answer this was an incredible wasn't it was absolutely unbelievable and and we just couldn't lennick can't we had to get in there and try to figure out a way here and to change it working on it for over two years now on account of ailing which is now account allen west quality act two thousand seventeen now alpine skiing marked actually today i finally got into the house couple time we now have i understand it predator rupiah senator tester and senator i spent character bipartisan dal and i it it goes to the president that he was on it terrific impact supporters thank goodness veteran uh we will give sinn fein like you turkey secretary again strike out there were no kabul was this for their behavior there was no akao built the none of that happening but senator rubio's bill with us come out of this choice meal you've got the unions are fighting against that you've got the uh the uh our government workers unions and i believe it's a of the american federation government employees they're tried to stop this bill the bill does allow them to fire bad employees protect whistleblowers what's wrong with that the incident anything wrong with that in fact asked what has to be done i mean currently in the upper seven hundred fire negligent a employees.

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