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Like that's that's supposed to be entertainment i'm gonna go in with an open mind i'm hoping it's going to be good it looks like there is someone doing a bad zach sattar schneider interpretation it's badzak nerve does always ask wedin doing is they're not gonna impersonator it's not us we took over for that guy they're not zach is it's y'all but what do not feel like it didn't really white over the last minute like they did a lot of reshaped since he took over that's what i'm saying i got it has a very well they already did a lot of research youth then then just waiting took over than they did even more reason guys reverend saying is is affected nonarab enough it out once zach snyder be the credited director maybe so what i'm saying i was very and as a very either humpty done a very alvarez volleyed the official director how i say humpty dumpty over there yeah from breckenridge we had his this movie's tony was changed tony kanaan done reshoot so many times that very ciller talking about story you're talking about like plots one that i'm talking about what i'm seeing which is just a lot of like cartoon he smells raise silly trailer we'll see me very silly i wasn't trying to be silly those supposed to be bad ask for a playful with oskar man uh the police e husband along evidence for this i love that guy to what's happening with jason memorial gsm amoah it's time now i know he is tat but i don't know what's happening so let's arrest zach snyder off of this this the down down down bound trainees on an international a pete doctors got a study your view of things at least from the other films that he's worked on and get those two together and and it could be animated film brawl i care or live action film either way let's get let's let's let's me the middle zach snyder very dark effectively an animated director and pete dr the writer of a toy story wall and inside out all nominate here for best one guy makes cartoon he like movies and then a guy makes actual or good great cartoon okay this is a rehab situation zach snyder if cinema.

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