Lublin, Rick Flair, WWE discussed on Tights and Fights - Ep. 49: Because Jesus said so


My name is how within yell at my uh uh uh he's rest name packets that we think you really like uh a uh a uh we talk each weekend we always get it right uh a a a because we run the shown on his tightend fight uh on uh fox well he's down hold it down hold down i mean everything union you who sometimes worker detective fights the show discusses wrestling with sincerity anil airdie that it deserves and the international pod sensation how lublin and i'm joined by my fellow members of the nation the conversation the head of danielle brand worldwide annual radford how and the real big deal micheel year comey of of this week's show bronze still the best rap skills to the test holder dow holding down there order the order order powder huddur with it but i knew japan pro wrestling held its first ever special in the us lots of great wrestling developments happened including okada successfully defending his title against cody kenny omega become the organization's inaugural us champion when i got to meet rick flair and moderate has panel somebody asked him what would it take to create a promotion that could compete with wwe and rick flair immediately said billion dollars there is no organization in this that could even be like of all i think all it could be tom.

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