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Afternoon I'm Mike Sugerman near three things to know it to fifteen one the guide cops wanted to talk to in the subway rice cooker cases in custody found unconscious in the Bronx just after midnight to their testing for lead poisoning in New York if you think the water has affected you three Portland Oregon bracing for big protests well the NYPD tries to figure out how to stem the troubling tide of officers committing suicide a seminar looking to introduce cops to mental health resources was postponed here's the reason from Steve burns a dispute stems from the events flyers specifically the logo for the group blue lives matter hearing on it staffers with thrive NYC called up Staten Island council member Joe Burley's office to talk about it but they apparently couldn't find common ground to the event was postponed thrive front by the city's First Lady surely McRae had offered to provide with the flyer called mental health first aid training for first responders I would have sex that in a heart beat sure lane with the fact that the heart beat anyone what effects that mayor de Blasio on W. NYC accuses Perrelli of running to the media for quote cheap shots applause your calls that ridiculous I don't know the details of what from mid level person said or didn't say I haven't seen all that I don't honestly think that the issue here the issue is if someone wants to do a training we're going to work for them to do a training particularly for our first responders there been nine suicides within the NYPD this year Steve burns WCBS newsradio eighty bridge.

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