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You you also we're helping i mean you're reading all the talk human fewer you're giving pointers and tips to the to the defense team you know a lot of people don't how about when they go when they're just going in relying upon and hoping that their defense team is is prepared right when in yeah you're right in the can be a benefit or kerr saying i'm sure to talk to my lawyers they would it would tell me how many times that they now listen but just not important just right you're you're talking welcome back your comment pitcher which is good because would do connor is that are so like this trial was called picks on but don't like i was worried did you re not being involved in politics and experience might not understand the principles you displayed out the people in the book will go go contribute necessarily because they were gonna picks favor like you they're like you're philosophy he beat david hope someday he'll come to their kids he the person he shouldn't and they can look good or in it all this i thought like political speech there's has who going buddy you're supreme court on trial and i was hope jiri hudler center like that i want to say that if you're in your made a comment and look i don't know people will respect this they're not league is pretty happy evident we don't like we were very careful in a row and i want to see the jury publicly i'm grateful that you're so it tentative the tickets so seriously to do deliberate it's or but you know what a okay i think it would richard paul for our here so to make sure to go over every document every piece another so they can be sure oh i could've work and that's all i was really pretty where was that they would be careful of their oh understand to be up and it's a party at their who off and we andor what the scot in their judgment listed correct thirty and they did and i'm just so appreciative they do better hope that everyone of them can take great i am doing their job and that's what we have to do is america's this was there to help this i'm just how his understanding what did jiri is permitted to hear because it sounded.

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