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Gazelle with lugo you know you're to keep using them to three innings at a time how did i know calloway you know it's the andrew miller philosophy he got a good thing going what gives almond i would not mess with that right now is the home i'm not even it's been very good hand tinkering with him he's five worries if you're gonna move anybody it's a luego luego would be a lot easier to transition into the rotation because right now he's kind of like a man without a role in that bullpen does that make sense yes yes somewhat but he comes into a lot of like weird spots meaningless spots like i feel like set lugos should be guide it's more prominently used i do have to say i mean matson wheeler have given your couple of good outings or decent dowding's at least in a row here i'm not giving up on those guys you need them the pitch well you want to be competitive harrison september you better hope that they had found something here absolute most otherwise it'll be a year where august and september you think about twenty nine i look i can't believe jason vargas is going to be as bad as he has been so far well listen so far it's been i mean he should be playing in the men's league on staten island not in the big leagues it's like the ghost of anthony sports zach i mean that will go down maybe with frank francisco oh no no don't be blown to sixty day de l couple days ago so he's down to june i don't invoke frank francis is the best and that's a low blow let's say dan jersey turnpike a good buddy dave what's up davey dave boy i'm doing fantastic brother what's happening man i got some nixon but absolutely the team that's in the best shape suggests dot close agree listen you got your franchise quarterback now you hope for years to come it seems like there's a plan in place now we'll see how the jets build their team troubling signs with the mets man when you're young players just playing the way that they are i mean that's that's scary when you got three to five and a rotation.

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