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John and Ken show John kobylt and Ken chiampou KFI AM six forty coming up, after five. O'clock for the Los Angeles district attorney Jackie Lacey and. She's going to talk She's going to discuss in detail this revision to the horrific law the Jerry Brown signed some weeks back, which would, have allowed all the criminals To avoid, prosecution, avoid a conviction avoid any prison time if they go to two years, of mental health treatment you have to get a psychiatrist that says yes you have a mental health disorder and that led. You to the crime and there's three almost three hundred mental health. Disorder so that that's easy pickings because all you can claim something ordinary from Depression D.'you is will be covered by alcoholism And alcoholism is considered a disability now so Everything will, be excused no one will go to prison and I think I went through this before and we'll go through this again because this is part of a ten year push to empty all the prisons. And stop everybody from getting prosecuted for. Anything And this is the coup de gras here is is the Bill That says mental diversion for all Because they, stopped building prisons ten years ago they had. A Bill that authorized prison construction they, never funded, it then came, prisoner, rely realignment and they said well the judge has forced. Us, to thin out the population no the judge never said. You have, to send people home they said you can't keep. Them some densely packed in prison you build new ones You built. Temporary ones at least Then prop forty seven km that was a pack allies that eliminated the. Prosecution in practical terms of misdemeanors Fifty-seven let's felons out early Then you have, this this, law mental diversion. No prosecutions no. Prison time then they'll bail we just discuss discussed with Steve Bailey, is running for. Attorney. General no bail anymore Well that dismantles busted the judicial system doesn't it And they do it every year or two there's one more. Piece to the puzzle and. They have two methods they either lie about it they lie about the effects or they sneak it in with no, one's looking I mean the mental health diversion nonsense was snuck. In as part of a. Complicated lengthy budget trailer Bill there was no public debate announcement warning at all For things like prop forty seven and fifty seven it's simply a propaganda campaign aimed at voters who barely pay attention but they. Do show up once. A year, and vote and will vote based on what the last emotional argument was made to them is. About the last emotional argument here's how they vote A lot, of these people who vote have no knowledge of of what's really going on and they're easily misled by campaign commercials or Jerry Brown's lies this is the wholesale destruction. Of the Justice system About really six different ways No more prisons built Prisoners dumped out of the state prison system prisoners dumped out of? The local jail system no more prosecutions from. A lot of misdemeanors Much fewer drug prosecutions They wanna, get rid of bail For many many defendants and they wanna stop prosecutions entirely by. Sending almost everyone to mental diversion Mental health diversion so there you go That may be more than six and what do you have left if you're letting people at early if you're pushing people out into the, streets if you're not building new prisons if you're not letting if, you're not sitting new people to prison. If you're not even Keeping, him in jail until they can post bail to ensure that they, show up for trial Well there's no more Justice system what do you think's going to happen What do you think's gonna happen And, you seem like the burglary rate? Its just, gone, through the roof I had oh Is that the the next the next the next door site as very? Popular in, neighborhoods It's it's a website and you type in your name and And some other information and you get a private chat area we're, just the neighbors talk about, what's going, on in the neighborhood and a lot of it's you, know for neighborhood trivial stuff, like anybody got a good gardener anybody got a good pediatrician but then people get into fights over local. Issues and let me see if I can call this up Yeah here's a guy who lives near me and he's saying addio to the west side He wrote after twelve years of living happy here very excited to be moving on As the homeless set up, camp right in the heart of our village And the..

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