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You're going to be the perc t the poor guy he will i was over there would brandon jennings when he was in italy after adhere lisa graduated from high right similar type player fancy ball handler gandhi real slim just like melo acceptable llanell's six the males taller now but brandon quick as he was i wa i sat there near practices he had trouble getting the ball up court against these grow men who just pounding and that's will the mellos gonna find is not going to be the lou au chino hill stuff and if lavarra can take it in a if these kids can take it it can be the best thing for lamella especially might be both but if lavarra is gonna get involved they're not gonna play that over there are you talk in europe or china or boat were i'm not sure how it is in china i know europe is tougher as far as you know the competition and the coaching china i'm not sure maybe they'll it'll be a pr pool will that would be more yeah advocate for me and i said that yesterday skip is lonzo is melo and italy angelo one is pulling the others pushing this has to be a package deal because lombarno lee angelo you he the andrea empire he got to go into the family business he's not the athletic one he's not the basketball prodigy that the other two brothers in what were laws award was is and the melo could be skip i hope this gold risk really way but i don't feel good about this.

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