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Twenty eight degrees in Boston at four o'clock. Good afternoon. I'm Laurie Kirby. And this is WBZ news sentencing for the president's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort is just now getting underway. Charges today taxing Bank fraud, CBS news Justice. Correspondent Paula Reid tells us if there's anything we might learn shortly about Bob Muller's investigation is outstanding questions about Paul manafort's meeting with his longtime Russian business associate Constantine Kalinic. We know from the special counsel's investigation that Manafort met with clinic during the campaign and passed off polling data from the Trump campaign. The big question is what did Clinton Nick want with that polling data Manafort faces twenty five years in prison? And of course, another sentencing next week for line to Bob Muller during his Russia probe, of course, Manafort was indicted because of what Muller found as he was investigating Russian interference during the two thousand sixteen elections. And two officers have been shot this afternoon at a Boston police firing range, let's go to Karl Stevens at the entrance of moon island with more coral a Boston police cruiser lights on sits at the entrance. The gatehouse to moon island. We are not allowed onto the island shortly before two o'clock this afternoon at the Boston police department shooting range to individuals were shot non-life-threatening injuries. It's our understanding. They are not Boston police officers WBZ, I team reporter sheriff DACA reports. They are court officers. I have seen a number of vehicles leaving the ambulances are long gone. A couple vehicles are going onto the island. Certainly the investigation is ongoing in terms of what exactly happened from the entrance to mood island Carl Stevens WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. I and we are watching a dangerous standoff this hour in central Illinois. This is a standoff between a suspect that police say shot at a martial at a hotel critically wounding him earlier in Rockford Illinois more from. ABC's Ryan burrow, Illinois state police say the suspect thirty nine year old Floyd e Brown crashed his car on the side of the road south of Bloomington. Now, they have him surrounded in a rural area as for the deputy who is shot Rockford jeopardy chief John Posey saying the injured party, which is a US marshal assigned to this task force was transported to a local hospital, and he is currently in critical condition. A woman was also shot at the Rockford hotel. Her injuries are said to be non-life-threatening. Ryan burrow, ABC news, Chicago and governor Baker says Massachusetts is starting to look bad by being the only New England state without a hands free driving law. WBZ's Kim Tunnicliffe in downtown Boston. With more governor Baker touted his road safety Bill at the triple A office here in Boston saying the time is now to enact a hands free law. I asked the governor why he's waited until now to get on board with banning held cell phone use while driving Baker says it's because things just keep getting worse.

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