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A legacy that continues. Yes to inspire outsiders dreamers music lovers. Stay that. I mean, this is a fucking Brian May propaganda piece. And I did a thing this week where I had people in our read it leave to a two sentence review in somebody put it great. Hor, hey, m are Jorges E M R G? I think made me realize how much of a bag Brian May is for purposely changing a real life story to fit his narrative. That's I mean, I don't know if he's a scumbag, but that's pretty I it's a complete narrative. Twisted movie. It's a movie to fit in narrative in it's super strange based on the fact that one of the reasons why they didn't let the Sasha baron Cohen movie happened because they wanted to protect Freddie's legacy. And then they went around, and they just changed his life in the movie. And again, I'm not gonna take points off for that. But there's a lot in there that they that they failed to do with what they put out. And I mean, it's a bummer even with performance cool remake of Live Aid concert. It just it falls way short of doing just as the, Freddie. Mercury. Very very short. It's fundamentally a good movie in terms of like, quote, like how it looks and use it as cool. But the story is every. A bit of the reason why it's a seventy one, and I may lowered a little bit like every point off because of how bland and paint by numbers. The fucking story is let me put it this way. I gave this movie a sixty five not not a horrible movie. This movie is just disappointing movie is not a good movie. But it's an entertaining movie. But but this movie I have come to realize this movie might be one of the better airplane movies of all time. Yeah. Description. Yeah. It's there's nothing too heavy in it. It's got good music. You come up the airplane. You're like damn I wanna listen to some Queen right now in Houston Queen the rest of your trip perfect airplane movie. But if you take, Freddie, Mercury out of this movie, you don't have interesting movie, you've taken Rami Malik out of it. You don't have a good movie. It's not a good movie to begin with. But you just don't have anything. And at least, Freddie, Mercury or his portrayal rahmael Malik portrayal made it interesting enough for me to be like, I'm entertained, even though part of my entertainment was just how fucking convoluted the shit was correct. Yeah. It's that's a really that might be the best way to put it like on a plane for me, listen to music or watch a movie and you get the bus of both worlds both of them. Oh, Queen did this a new they did it. But I forgot about it. Get why fire when I get network again. I'm going to definitely put That that. list. Yeah. It's Ken, Jack. I'll I'll let you give your your thoughts. So true to sixty seven don't feel this isn't a movie I want to talk about just give it sort of a brief non spoiler summary. I think clean was a very hyperbolic out there in of on guard band like took a lot of risks and never played by the rules. And then this movie was just like a Wikipedia summary. That was incorrect. Like, yes, edited what Kapiti summary, and you like you read an edited Wikipedia page in the ten seconds. It wasn't change back. Exactly. That's sort of would've felt like and it would just wasn't captivating enough outside of Rami mal performance. And I don't think that there's no nothing to do with his performance. But I don't think it was powerful enough to carry the movie into being good and just is very much. Just a Brian made propaganda piece that was rage standing. That's what it was. It was trying to make the band they were more important than they probab-. Were and try not belittling, Freddie, mercury's legacy. But making him seem more like a component and less like the icon, which he was he is an absolute icon music history. And that is what I think a lot more people are interested in that this not what they showed. Yeah. I again, I hate you can't grade the movie for what it for what it could have been. Yeah..

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