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Bring smart your home and colour dot com slash. SMART home. This war Fred's talking about you could say got started a little more than a week ago when Iranian backed militias attacked American forces in Iraq killing. US civilian contractor. president retaliated by bombing militia sites and then militia members his attacks the US embassy in Baghdad damaging the property now that was an opportunity to push for some diplomacy but no in response to that which by the way didn't kill a single American inside the embassy didn't even injuring him. It was that which incited trump to to kill Sheila money over the years. Customs Hula Mani has been described by American officials as truly evil his coots force trained and resourced resourced Iranian fighters all over the Middle East but Americans have also describe soula Mani as pragmatic while he undoubtedly killed scores of US troops. He would partner with those who shared his interests. Americans relied on his iranian-backed forces to drive isis. Out of Iraq. Doc and even before that after nine eleven fred says Sulamani helped the American military target their response to Osama bin Laden Sulaimaniya shared intelligence because they had a lot of intelligence on Taliban al Qaeda and this relationship continued until George W Bush Bush and his State of the Union address pronounce that Iran Iraq and North Korea were part of an axis of evil north. Korea is a regime arming with missiles and weapons of mass destruction. Destruction Iran aggressively pursues these weapons and exports terror Iraq continues to flaunt hostility toward America and to support terror states like these and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil arming to threaten the peace of the world world and then once the United States became engaged Iraq Iran. US relationship. Of course it evolved again. Dan and I wonder if you can explain how Sulamani got involved with Iraq as the conflict evolved and how that plays into what happened happened over the last few days right well you know. When when we overthrew Saddam Hussein a lot of the we should say Hussein was suny and he ran Iraq as a suny country? Iran is a Shia majority country. Yeah I mean. Saddam Hussein was a suny dictator. Who is making deals and oppressing the Shiite majority when he was overthrown Iran saw vacuum to move in there had been an eight-year your war between Iran and Iraq and the nine thousand nine hundred which killed more than a million people? The idea of having an opportunity to co opt or take take over Iraq was very much in Iran's interest it's often said that the biggest winner of the Iraq war was in fact Iran on and Sulamani was the guy who led up the militias that helped solidify Shia control of Kerak through. She'll leaders prime ministers ambassadors and You know for example. The the the Iranian ambassador to Iraq is a member of coots force when he is replaced he just replacement will be a member of coots force. They're all over the region. You mentioned engine the militias these Iranian backed militias in Iraq. And it wasn't just that they came to power politically in Iraq. It's that when Isis began to blossom. Awesome in Iraq. It was really these Iranian backed militias. That helped put that force down. It's right for a few years. Both in Iraq doc and Syria the Iraqi government Sumani and the United States were on the same side. We were all fighting Isis assists and Simoni pressure especially in Iraq was very potent force in that fight and end. Of course listen when the Iran nuclear deal is signed in Twenty fifteen from that moment until trump out of it in two thousand eighteen there was. It's not one single Iranian strike on an oil tanker on a US military base. I really on much of anything. So you know when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says well we have with this killing of Silla money. We have reestablished deterrents of Iran. Well not really friend says that part of what worries him about Sulamani. Killing is that it obliterates a shared history built on diplomacy diplomacy is the only way out of a war like this but the trump White House visit especially diplomatic and in fact we probably probably have the least experienced least educated most inattentive an indifferent national security team that we've ever seen in the United States government for for ages. I can't even think of president hold the those are strong words. They are strong words. How do you know that well look look around? pompeo at least in this situation Peyot has essentially publicly endorsed regime change in Iran so he has no credibility in going to Iran with a diplomatic overture. The Secretary of Defense Mike Esper- came to do the job not long ago. Having been a lobbyist for Raytheon he has no background policy whatsoever. Defense contractor. Yeah it depends contractor national security adviser adviser Robert O'Brien. He was a hostage negotiator. He has no background on any of this. Meanwhile over the past couple of years specialists lists inside the policy shops of the Pentagon State Department White House staff. They've left in droves either fired or resigned because they're upset that they have no influence on anymore so we have nobody in charge of what's going on. Who has dealt with these kinds of issues before are who has a deep knowledge of the region and so if you had a different kind of government right now they would be making Overtures through third parties to get the Iran nuclear deal back on the table. But you're saying he doesn't have the people to do this other people and I don't think he has inclination nation. We're in now is a really dangerous moment. Because one reason trump did this killed Seila money was that he was upset that some people viewed his failure her or his refusal to take military action in retaliation to other things. Iran had done as weak. So he didn't WanNa look weak anymore so this was gonna make him look strong and now if he backs off he's afraid he looks weak. If the Iran they've just had the second most important man in their country murdered assassinated. Assassination is not an illegitimate term to use him assassinated by the United States. People out in the streets. They're they're not going to back down because that'll make them look weak so we have a situation where escalation is something very hard to avoid and where both sides fear of appearing weak is driving us both in that direction. I mean the trump administration has said that they killed Sumani because there was an imminent attack. Plan this as a preventative measure. What evidence do we have of that round? No none is yet but you know let. Let's say there is evidence. Let's say it's true. It was going to happen. How does killing stealing money wreck? That Silla Mani it's not you. When when Osama.

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