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I don't know pick your giant who went deep the to pitch sway there's a high drive into deep left center field to the dig deep as part of the ballpark news home run at that is a home run hitters home run we didn't think you had it in him it's four hundred twenty three feet to that part of the ball park with the left field wall meets the center field wall deeper there even than straight away center field so a lot took it on and he got it a big fly and the giants are right back ahead to sixty five oh yeah who was it again a little while **** in Solano and then and then call them up to the the job I'm all that's right I tried four times ID I forgot the list is long and distinguished and if you know what movie that line is from then then you know another thing that we're gonna be debuting later on this evening which will tell you all about your coming up a little bit of an error overalls is going to join us in about fifteen twenty minutes more your calls coming up next eight oh eight K. N. B. R. is the number will continue with that also speaking of movies have you noticed there's a famous movie that this giant season is actually mimicking I'll tell you about that coming up on these boards later your child into the mark Willard show on KNBR six please sports leader Bonnie deal lastly here for Sir to pro painters now summer weather always gives us a great opportunity to increase the value of the largest investment that most of us have well it's our home painting is a quick cost effective way to increase your home's value Sir pro painters painted my house and they did such a great job and they were so easy to work with I schedule an appointment online they came to the house give me an estimate it was a great price they did a really high quality work and their.

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