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Hammered Wagner one oh five seventy one miles power twenty seven other winners included Fordham in Monmouth will yell escape Stony Brook in overtime seventy four sixty nine NFL jets putting Jermaine Johnson and wide receiver Josh Bellamy on season ending IR giants activity quarter Sambil is expected to make his debut Sunday against the jets the first college football playoff rankings are out Ohio state stands on top fall by Ellis you Alabama and Penn state defending champion Clemson on the outside number five sport to fifteen to forty five around the clock mark ability to enter with sports at East Tennessee state university they're trying to find out who put up signs around the campus reading it's okay to be white the university is calling those signs racist they were placed at multiple locations on the campus on a weekend when African American fraternities and sororities were being honored similar it's okay to be white signs of turn up on other campuses around the country over the last year the anti defamation league says the campaign originated on four chan the site popular of with internet trolls on the alt right movement price Kendall Williams lives in Louisiana but should probably be made an honorary citizen of Florida's please explain that price age thirty two had a little too much to drink and he knew he shouldn't drive his cars so they say he stole a motorized shopping cart from Walmart and went bar hopping in it they got a complaint call from one of the bars and when they arrived they found the shopping cart park between two cars outside the bar the card is intended for disabled people prices charged with phone authorize use of the shopping cart but he did avoid a D. W. I. charge ever notice your plants panicking when it rains probably not but scientists in Australia say they have detected this response which surprised them because plants obviously need rain to live but rain is also the number one way for disease to spread and vegetation they conducted an experiment in which they spray the plants with water from a spray bottle and found that the plants take a range of protective measures against water with chemical changes in protein creation and hormone balance the place even communicated their fears to nearby plants by secreting airborne chemicals plants that were over watered suffered stunted growth and the late flowering and now you know why it's not good to over water plenty of sunshine today will have a high of fifty five in midtown forty seven degrees now Sonny humidity of fifty six the Windsor west ten miles an hour forty seven we're going up to fifty five wins news time eight nineteen ancestry DNA gives you much more than the places.

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