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Hey, there freedom fighters. My name is Andrew Warner on. You know, yada, yada, yada, founder of interview site misery, hey, I get really personal in my interviews, and the guests you're about to me is is a kind of guy who gets super personal with people in private, and I had him onto an interview a few months ago. We were supposed to talk about a company that he started the iron yard. And instead we ended up talking about alcoholism suicide super, super personal stuff, and we never got this phenomenal company that he founded and sold. And so because I was more interesting, but you think aside is more interesting? Oh, yeah. Is is life and death company too. And at the same time I remember saying to, I would give up my marriage for a good first successful company. I would even give up my life for it. Let's be honest. And then I walked away being embarrassed by what I said. I said, oh, I love my wife Libyan. I are super tight, and then I go and I do this jerky thing. Why did I say I realize there's annulment or truth in it and as much as I love her, I wanna leave a legacy that comes from from the company. Anyway. I got super honest in there. You got incredibly open it and then we booked this interview to do the follow up to talk about the iron yard, and you didn't show up, and then we booked it again and you didn't show up and then you booked it again, and then you didn't show up. And my people on my team were saying to me, Andrew is what happens when you push people to talk to personal, not everyone wants to do this in public think my radar. I think I'm good at guests getting how people feel and I got how Johnston fell. He was okay with that. We're gonna ask him whether he was or not. What was going on when he didn't show up, but. I'll say this guy's Johnston is one of my favorite favorite entrepreneurs because he is so open about what life is like your that. He's not giving you the story. If you have any doubt about police, go back and listen to the previous interview, which he now thinks is maybe better than this interview, and we didn't even do this interview gives us a chance on knows, but that's what we talked about. The really open -ness of what it's like to be an entrepreneur and what it's like frankly, to be John, not just any entrepreneur, but someone with with his chemistry with his biology and what was going on in his life. In this interview dough Johnston is back, we're gonna talk about his company, the one that feels like ancient history to him, but I'm fascinated by it's called the iron yard. And the reason fascinated by it is because there was a period there where I was noticing that lots of entrepreneurs throughout the not lots. They're a handful them throughout the country who are creating these coding schools in person boot camps, really putting developers through the paces and then helping them get jobs, and they were producing lots of revenue and profits, and in. John's case with the iron yard actually selling out here to talk about how he did and what happened there to the whole industry. And we're going to learn about that business and we are maybe even gonna find out a little bit about his latest company which is called yene dot IO. It's a crypto currency, social platform. John is a prolific entrepreneur, and this is latest company. I think this one might be the biggest of them all and we can do it. Thanks to two on the first is giving my my office right here. It's called Regis. I got this great story in back to stories that will show you why frigging love Regis really in dollars and cents. And the second one is hosting my website. It's called hostgator, but I'll tell you about the sponsors later..

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