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Hey hey. Hey we have tiffany close sick and the bill dan. What's up tiffany. Hey girl next yup bring snacks in the movie theater. Uh-huh we have ever the needs here. Hake avis the real sakina. Scott is in the building girl Best sr six nine is on. I g hey may. Jones is here shots to brooklyn cakes. The storm be x. In in the bill in inhalers sean. Good morning ram. Mr sensational jala is in the building. Where i am matthew. I am matthew. G thomas is here on g. Shahi johnson is here. I am a lisa sweeney's on g. Hey y'all Young is in the bill dan. happy Hey good morning. marina chocolate thunder. Simmons is here. Hey mike is missed. The one emoji saying it's in the building. Shout to asante was up. Sign richard nine is here. Hey jerry morning to you. Shout out to princess cask. Mr abbas in haibo morning of sonia. Murray is here good morning to you. Shutouts hula vida always halo vita good morning. Are you leader lavina. She's in and out of the chabrol's good look yet. They look to get all your friends from the pocono area in the bronx hybrids. Listen to this show appreciation. I'll lead net net net. rhino is. See hey nah not girl. Good morning to you. Shout out to kick stands up magazine. What's up sean. Good morning the keisha. Hey garage logic. Good morning to you shall out to less sharp row oliver. Hey good morning. You need to have sex and movie theater honesty. I appreciate your sharing that. You need to have sex in the movie. The union heisman off. It's quite Entertaining says she has no friends in the poconos. All right well you suffering well. She's well her friend in the poconos. I used to live well We'll get your friends from the bronx via that's where do you live in the poconos shutout to show mykola. Haitian good morning. How are you doing leading. W m dixon is here. Hey has dan good morning. You have had sex movie. Did i know his nasty as the men. I actu- if you ever had sex in the in in the movie theater. Don't lie on your penis. Yes or no okay because a lot of us ally on the peanuts. It's beyond if you have sex fellas benefactors putting the more challenging during his fine now integral ed. You got time try. So that's julius gala shohei julie as anointed for. This is he on. I g. Julius doesn't look like the type and julius freaky look but i would not guess exit ways. He's he doesn't look like a freak but he got freaked tendencies. Anthony college is here in laying. Anthony shutouts who danya williams aji heyday. Yale good morning. Danu hemmer's jemison fletcher is here Hey dan you are. You knew or you. Also no. But hey always tenure. I think danielle. Hey daniel girl yes. I run too fast godfather. Solar tracy ray is here. Good morning tracy okay. Julius putting the laugh anymore is not saying yes or no. Is that a yes or no darling now. Okay because he was a he is a non threatening black man. But i think with julius back in his day he was doing a lot of reckless like sean harvey but i think julius nastiest l. and he's done some nasty things wine though he's nasty very nasty gal right that way. No you can't. It's very nasty. Yeah he's a good man. He's a good man he has a loving wife. He's a good guy but back in the day was the you could tell back in. The day was a lot going on shines. Banned from the fanny. He's a good guy. Freak super freak shawn heins jones. Hailers show good morning lou. Shawn's sex all over the place we know she did it all over the world right everywhere. Turn the bomb. Thank you diane. How are we saying diane haw. He's doing the pocono smash gauge. You'll use diane. I'm gonna go on a limit. Say you had sex and we'll be there though. I'm sorry you're not. Diane diane put in a more. We ever had sex in general. I'm gonna say no beyond alice mcallister's here what's up allen. Hey hey hey. Our straight nasty. He has six six any place anywhere. Now you have here has sex. Here has six any place anywhere and with himself guy was the deal. Ad local wanted you test sex. She's nasty to dear jack saying in the building what's up. I don't think there is has sex in the movie theater. They was wild back ahead day so she could take a while. She's been was like the alps hotel or paradise. She probably did like after work. After friday nights master thing. Maybe that's far went with her. I don't think they're jackson's has six in a movie theater. There proved me wrong. I told you. I knew it got a little bit diane. You're more on all sides house exit that they did like veneta georgia's he haven that agar a movie theater. I don't know she said no. But she played loafing action. He said that's the same thing. I'll put the thing action answer. The same angry campbell is here. Hey ingrid good morning to you agree about sex mood. A kyohei the building a guy code breakthrough leadership on the terminology overhead. That's what they call us now. Oh hey yo. I like old. School was pretty good. But oh head i kinda like that. I mean i think called own head and now in eleven a way. But i just think that oh head i mean what it is you know as you can't cancel it out the culture this town call your own head. Yeah like hand. It just gets this. I understand that the best slayings in the world comes from the urban center of the culture of us. I get it. And i know that own head has been tagged that i understand that as well and i'm not gonna protest against it i i feel it's not gonna do about it but you'll oh head. I some women we on facebook. You know what this o'hare try to speak to him. He and i. I thought it was finally oh head i. I don't know about that. This school who i like. That's all head like phil like this. Something wrong fills like like. I'm not supposed to be here because i do. Qualify for head. I'll be fifty seven. I think god willing. But i'm just saying. And then he puts it in his title with that he can glorify with. It is his name. He has his right to do that. He said it's a thing that's what they say philly so.

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