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Criminal behavior. Analysts. Former New Scotland Yard on my first crime analyst case happened before the start of my career at New Scotland Yard. Its legacy has wide reaching consequences. Even now, I'll be analyzing the Yorkshire Manchester murders. This'd Jesse Kelly show Yeah. Captain Nathaniel Bradstreet shirt left. Private Theodore Roosevelt Rogers. Lance Corporal Daniel M. Cherries, K Iraq 2006. First Lieutenant Charles L. Charles, our pits Vietnam k a 1967. PFC. Roy Scott Fischer, Vietnam K 1968. Durant Eskridge. PFC. Edward Bradley. Army World War two or World War one K. 1918. Corporal Jason Dunham Cripple. Connery, T Lowry USMC Que IA Afghanistan 2012 A C doodle Harris U. S. M. C. K 1945. John Paul Barda, Army K Iraq 2006. Corporal Christopher Mima's Shearer, Que ia Iraq 2007 Keith Warner K I, A Iraq. It is the Jesse Kelly show. It is our Memorial Day special today where we honor the fallen. If you missed any other part of today's show. You can catch the whole show. It's podcast that after the show's done on I Heart Google's Spotify, it's on iTunes. Just look for Jesse Kelly Show. This is a different kind of a show for us today. I do not believe in taking off Memorial Day just because I feel like I haven't obligation. To honor the fallen Today we do a show a special memorial Day show every single year always will. Reminder couple things. I'm gonna open every single segment listing names that you have sent me of friends and family members and people you know who have died for this country so we can read their names aloud coast of Coast and have them honored. That's one too. It is not Veterans Day. It's not police officers Day firefighters day first responders Day This is a day where you can't thank anybody you need to think because they're dead. This is a day for people who have gone overseas and died and they deserve to have their day. On water down. Also Would want you to enjoy yourself today. When you're done having a moment. Listen, this show doing whatever you do to honor them. Go eat hot dogs. Have fun with your kids. Have a beer have to enjoy your day out there. Now we opened up the show today with a long opening talking about SaiPan and what our men went through there. There are a few different medal of honor citations from SaiPan. I'm not sure which one's more job dropping. But I did think you know, in honor of those we're talking about men who have died. I just told you about the horrors of that island. Let's talk about three men who never came home. First one Thomas A. Baker U. S Army is a Sergeant U. S Army..

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