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Evening at seven twenty on Bob Heussler. Baseball presents a league championship series doubleheader today. Red Sox and Astros playing right now later is the brewers dodgers Boston and Houston tied at a game apiece in the American League championship series. And there were the top of the sixty minute maid park and the Red Sox now have the lead it is arrest. Socks three Houston to Boston sports to in the first off Dallas kaikal, and here's just a few moments ago off of Astros reliever. The former met Joe Smith Steve is Homer to give the Red Sox. This one run lead the Astros scored or run the first off Nathan of all these scored again in the bottom of the fifth on an Alex bregman. Double the Red Sox regain the lead three to Boston. They bad top six later game. Four and L out a Dodger Stadium brewers dodgers. The Milwaukee Brewers one last night to take the two one series lead. They'll open today with GIO Gonzalez and lefty Richhill starch for LA giants owner, John. Mary said today he is sick about his team's one in five star. And it's clear mirror. Wasn't feeling very well after Odell Beckham junior's recent remarks Beckham, criticized Eli manning criticize his head coach expressed displeasure about living in the New York area. Mehra said Beckham should do more plain LS talking marrow was also asked about Manning's specifically is it time to make a change. It's been our quarterback still under contract and. He's not. He's not this kid. I know he's the punching bag right now. But a lot of guys need to play five. It's not just in guys play again Monday night in Atlanta today, they signed former Broncos receiver Bennie Fowler. They place. Cody Latimer uninjured. Reserve also placed flashback or Ray Ray Armstrong on I are devils arrangers planes.

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