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Here's Dan Schwartzman. Thanks, Doug Chelsea signing American Christian publicity to a sixty four million euro transfer deal with Borussia Dortmund for the deal. Allowing the blues loan the twenty year old back to the Bundesliga squad for their to the season before moved England this summer, Manchester United defender, Eric Bailey could be out the door has an four year old has shown a desire to return to Spain with severe expressing interest. In the Ivory Coast. International. Bailey is only made eight appearances for Manu this season. After falling out of favour of old boss shows Amory Neo big the Premier League's Manchester United wins. It's four three eight match under new boss lagoon Arcelor shy for the two nil victory over Newcastle. United as both Lukaku and Radford score. Meanwhile, Chelsea can only play Southampton scoreless draw of Crystal Palace shuts at Wolverhampton to nil number two ranked wrapping the Dow's new year not often good start as a thirty two year old has pulled out of the Brisbane international with the strain. The dollar is still lying to play. The Australian Open starting January fourteen the New York Yankees making a move sandy. Shortstop Troy Lewinsky for a one year deal as a thirty four year old recently released by the Toronto Blue Jays. Learn twenty million from Toronto in five hundred fifty five thousand dollars from New York the five time all star missed all last season after having surgery on both heels the New York Jets asking permission to interview Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator, Eric the enemy as well. As -fensive coordinator to former Texas Tech head coach cliff Kingsbury for their vacant coaching position. I'm Dan Schwartzman. That's your Bloomberg NBC world sports update. Global news twenty four hours a day at Bloomberg dot com. The Bloomberg business app. Doc on Twitter. This is a Bloomberg business flash. I'm Juliet Sally in Singapore..

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