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From buffalo grove illinois congratulations glenn email us at feedback at film spotting dot net and we will set you up with your price okay let's do it let's get to this week's massacre theater connor leading kanana thinning you could dump hustler color any hostile now is that everything seemed like you said quite a bit more than that it is very gracious of you to play along with our silly reindeer games here and jelica was fun last time i'm sure this will be fun as well there are tien some pretty obvious ones in the text itself to the beguiled love it when listers find more so can't wait to hear those i am going to get things started here so i need the action queue from you give me a moment to get into character and then let it roll and action a wake up u s troops coming blue or grey they gray like us let's say hello to them and then get going or the competitive bra dial the general grad offered general what same ali lea lea lea pa again god is with us because he hates the eggs to god is not on our side because he hates idiots also and seen now you told me you're going to channel someone else where you do in their day okay okay sorry then since you were channeling someone else as this prominent after you were plane if listeners can guess correctly not only who you were plane but also who you're channeling i dunno they might they'll to give extra films body tshirt or something i highly doubt anyone will be able to figure this out but can i give them a hint yet go for a very very very small hint.

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