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In the dirt alert with Elizabeth Reese. Hello, Elizabeth. Well, good morning, you guys Morning morning Monday after the Super Bowl. Isn't that fun? Maybe everyone's having a little extra yawning time or something Like that. Coffee? Yes. No kidding, guys. We blew some sort of fuse in our house in the middle of the game, and the Um, the whole line that's attached to the TVs went down. No. I had to watch the rest of it on his phone with smoke coming out of his ears. Oh, so I called against Ryan. They're coming over. Just in case you were wondering, Hey, nice organic plug for them. But that really did happen. What a crisis anyway, so I didn't necessarily get to see all of it. But of course, we've been seeing all the recaps. We know that Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Won the Super Bowl over the Kansas City Chiefs last night historic because they were playing in Tampa, and this is the first time that team has won the Super Bowl who's also hosted. There was lots of talk about that. When the Super Bowl was here in Minneapolis. That would have been amazing if the Vikings would have been in the Super Bowl and then won it because that doesn't happen. No Esso exciting for them. And then Tom Brady won his seventh, a Super Bowl ring, his wife, Giselle, Boone, chin and their Children. And then, of course, his 13 year old son with his ex girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan. All celebrating Bridget Moynahan, posting a really sweet message, and then he was there with all of his kids. And kind of interesting, apparently with this little modern family that things are going really well. There was a source that said that Giselle talks to Bridget more than she talks to Tom sometimes oh, Bridget Moynahan has gone on to get married. Again, and things were not always very easy with this little relationship. Remember when Giselle kind of stepped on Bridgette's toes by talking about like all of her kids? Not really acknowledging that Jack was Bridgette's. It was sort of a weird deal. She got herself into some hot water, but they seem to be all getting along very, very well and co parenting very, very well. And I think that's evidenced by all of the nice posts about time. Super Bowl. Yeah, I know it's really fun to see his kids up there when he won the MVP award. I know Yeah, the trophy. I'm just really cool. What exciting moments for them. So exciting on De then, Of course, we've got the halftime show and the weekend very split. I think if people loved it or hated it. But it's you can't win with the Super Bowl performance. I think you have to go into the halftime performance. If you're an artist going, I'm doing this for me. I'm doing this because I want to, like know that I did this and kind of cross this off, but I'm not doing it for any sort of accolades because it's just not worth it. That's true. I felt like I was really distracted. Jason mentioned this earlier that the audio was weird. It was like his Mike wasn't fully on. It's such a hard I can't imagine how difficult it is. To manage that audio in that kind of space in general, But then with not as many people in there to absorb it, Yeah, it was very strange, like the rest of the mikes were picking up his audio, but his main mike wasn't Which I don't know it was on the producer. She doesn't like That true was weird. I I It was very odd. It was It was, Yeah, it was very, very, very odd. And then he's of course, been doing this real life sort of performance art, where he's been wearing bandages and appearing to have gotten plastic surgery, and his dancers were all wearing bandages on. But many fans were kind of wondering what's the significance of these bandaged dancers? And he said. He said. That it's about Hey said the significance of the entire head Bandages is reflecting on the absurd culture of Hollywood celebrity and people manipulating themselves for superficial reasons to please and be validated. It's all a progression and we watch the character storyline hit heightened levels of danger and absurdity as his tail goes on. Well, that's the weekend for you didn't quite get that. Yeah,.

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