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Something runs which is a lot of fun but I suggest that you stop that way. We start with baby steps so I'm able to take H. People through whilst in a group situation the group is not cheap thousand people. It's it's much more Friendly you know our numbers. Keep those large end. The whole rhetoric is is around banging empowered modern Gal. Who WHO HAPPENS TO BE? I always wanted my catch. Cries is your way too young to feel these old so I love it because that is just unbelievably true especially when I get out of better black Monday but I'm too young to be feeling all like that. I've been doing a little bit of Doctors de Martini stuff. Yeah he he says a lot of really good things and if you've never heard that before new listening to this really encourage you to look that up. It's a bit of a neuroscience biased version of what we're talking about and one of the things that he talks about is your conscious mind in your subconscious ended and the vast majority of what we do die tonight by Sec- subconscious in fact science proves that ninety five percent of what you do is subconscious. And he has a really good way of describing. How you go through you die and when you think about it most of what you do on a daily basis is unconscious when get outta bed up more training gear on because it safe from the night before I put my shoes on a guy at the door and I'll go out and try? I really think about it. I come back. I know what I'm going to eat for breakfast was already know what I'm GonNa eat for breakfast and I'm really think about it of a shallow. Get READY FOR WORK. Because it democracy will begin working on the really thinking very much about it the first time during my die where. I really have to think about something is when I have to write something on communicating with somebody but the nature of what I do is. The communication is just answering questions and answering. It's not really thinking about that. Why not just that? I was the first time in about a week. Were actually had to really think about what I was writing. Because I was riding a copy for a webpage for south spike and it had to be on point and it was. It was hot. Thinking is hard as difficult to do because the vast majority of what we do is is unconscious in Montana. He talks about how a you did. I did all of the activities that you did yesterday and today you gotTa hyave in almost exactly the same way as you did. Yesterd- I and that's part of the reason that people struggle to change is because physically. They used to doing the same things physically. They used to be getting the same tried off the signed payoff from the hormones and they brine and from what happens when doing activity you drink your coffee at the same time of the die meals at the same time tonight and your body's expecting these things and you have that stimulation as you do it and it really helped me to understand y you behave the way that you do. And today's behavior is actually being driven by. Yes that is a high via. And if I continue to live in that world and to not be self aware of that tomorrow's behind you will be the same as yes. That is in the Siamese. Today's and nothing is really going to affect China. And one relationship thing thing that I'll on ninety five percent of what you do is subconscious and that's almost like a six hundred pound gorilla. So what do you? What do you feed six hundred pound gorilla by whatever the bloody hill at once is? What do you need to do to effect change? You need somebody external to you to help you to understand why you behaving the way you do and somebody externally to you to help you to keep moving forward whether that's from an accountability. Perspective from a love perspective or spirituality perspective for me I. I just don't believe that you can do things by yourself in this world and we're GONNA bring it full circle to saying right at the top of the show. He that what you do is at the very fabric of our society. Because I can't do it by myself. Anita handle need some. Yeah yeah one hundred hundred percent and I feel the same to extend me as well so you know I am. A coach believes in coaching Semitic Cape accessing. Next more. I need someone who's no higher that you know experienced. Leda as well. And that is the way you had the good stuff. I believe. The hege change is not easy. It's not easy for anyone in and I've met day Montana a couple of times having run a car. Practical Fees News in. That was one of his fist disciplines. On Montaigne another great guy to to to say as well as Dr Joy dispense out. I really loving that stuff. Because I've actually had A bit of the healthy. She had respiratory problems and pneumonia. Those sorts of things to getting back. My fitness is extremely important but of course I cited people the twenty one workouts nieces. Exactly Twenty one day twenty one. I actually felt so emotional that I felt I was backing group again. After banks seeking losing so much condition is like three weeks. Twenty-one workouts and that's the same with things like Laying A twenty-one Sales Kohl's twenty twenty one times of running your business in you weigh your online or delivering that service all of those sorts of things if he'd Biz kind of that rough time and to get to that feels Gucci. It feels awful. You don't have the sign APPs available in your in your brains out there to do it so it does take someone else to actually go feel. Really Thankful I've met Roberts that there will be a day. I'll go gone out. I can do this guy yet. Now you'll silly you can't if you concentrate on x wines it and then go okay because he feels when you're bringing together something new it feels like you're bringing together. Five thousand paced puzzle. Don't have the ways and the methods to be able to think that you can. You don't have that certainty that you can do. You have done it before.

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