Ruth, Gordon Lonsdale, JIM discussed on Espionage



That night as Ruth was preparing supper an unexpected visitor visitors showed up jim scarred him of the security service he asked Ruth if he could come in and nervous and confused Ruth acquiesced she showed him to the living room and offered him tea but he kindly declined he had come on business. Jim opened his briefcase. And took out surveillance surveillance. Photographs photographs of Gordon Lonsdale. He asked if ruth or her husband recognized him. They didn't but they agreed to keep an eye out for him but that wasn't all scarred needed to use an upstairs room of their house to survey the neighborhood on Saturdays and Sundays. The researches made a small protest but scarred and firmly explained that the government wasn't asking for their cooperation as much as demanding it the searches is had little choice. They allowed police to set up shop in their house. Only yards away from the kroger's.

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