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Gone. I can only imagine in twenty nine. I guarantee you, ladies and gentlemen, whether democrat or Republican whether they're from red areas or the suburbs, which amid poco poco or the solid blue of the urban areas. They all had their beacon, the trough pigs, and it taking advantage of the tax payers, but there are special few that I'd like to focus in on number one shaking, and none is really the former governor of the state of New Jersey Shamu LFA, Chris Christie, who's got to be leery of the fact that the Japanese have once again resurrected, they're all trade of harvesting sperm whales out at sea and taking the blubber. Now, why do we need to be doing that? I have no idea, but they have voided all international sanctions, and they're act to whaling and then naturally. This half. Governor Murphy who's always running away from the continued problems in New Jersey. He claims she's on an elephant safari in Tanzania in Africa has she been joined by the Trump sons are they actually hunting big game. Are they gonna posted trophy like and bring it back to the domiciles MS utilized king Cuomo the second ceremonial fuck dot Cuomo. Send a may do parochial spot. Gene, just like your father. Mario was and you are as she gives his speech today on Ellis Island Ellis Island, where you used to have to have somebody vouch for you. That's right. Oh, you couldn't get into this country, legally, usually go through the immigration process. I wonder if he mentioned that. And then, of course, there's this schmuck. No make that departs Chucky cheese Schumer who together with the alumni Ruth baiter Kuenssberg who survived cancer again has gotten together with Bernie Sanders us come down from Vermont, the three of them graduates, Madison high school, we are here in Brooklyn who are plotting the demise of their enemy of all enemy, Donald Trump. And that's right. There's the president himself last night. He was supposed to be hosting the annual Merrill Largo ball, which he so dearly loves, but he had to keep his pedal to the metal in Washington DC in the city that he hates he lobes in the spices in the White House. Did he says his falling apart and filled where and I'm not talking about Michael Cohen, the two legged one I'm talking about the four legged one and having to sit there and brewed and Twitter away his day in the west wing of the White House. And then naturally there's the couple of duty of all crooked. US Senate is up on the hill. Bobby Menendez who should be in jail by now. But I betcha he's somewhere along the coast of the attached fees sixpence or maybe he's got another Medici. The original one was the infamous Dr melgen who ripped off Medicare more than any other doctor in the history of the United States. And we all know what Bob Menendez is doing probably scoring with underage Dominican hookers said he won't even tip with a few pesos. That's just sort of the tip of the iceberg aware crooked. Politicians are spending. Dominic. Initiatives that theme song for the Michigan achy.

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