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The coronavirus now speaking of movies TV entertainment that this is something that I have had an idea on for a few years now and I've wanted to do it and it's all I've always felt that I think we need to do it at the right time because sometimes you can come up with an idea could be really good and it's just not the right time for you know like like Frankie sharp told to your career at the end of Wayne's world I'm sorry you're truly talented but it's just not the right time sometimes your idea you might not have an idea but it's the right time for it I don't have an idea so I had to wait for the longest time I wanted to do a version of sun screen the famous spas Lerman song but for sports and I you know I I think the best time to probably do it would have been the previous in two thousand seventeen would be the twentieth anniversary of sunscreen which very famous song the pause women wrote you still hear it all over the place on the radio his his advice to the graduating class of nineteen ninety seven he gives all great very prescient thoughts of advice for their future and and it's really phenomenal song ever listening to it when it first came out it you'd listen to different parts of it so I like this part the best in this part the best I always thought what if you know I think I could do that I think we could do one for sports and it never really hit me that you know when is the right time for when's the right time and it just the other day when I'm I'm I'm scrolling through Facebook and I see one of my friends is congratulating their daughter on graduating high school and they say not the graduation we expected but congratulations and it's the you know what many people we're doing now is the picture of the graduate on the front lawn right congradulations someone so class twenty twenty people drive by and wave and beeping and it's sad you know because you know these people these kids are going to get their chance to go through graduation which is a big moment of throwing your hat and everything else my daughter is not going to get to go through a fifth grade graduation because of this and and you can have a record low man on it yeah I could have a solicitor to take fifth grade again because god you want to have that moment yeah bigger than all the other kids on the playground you can dominate them yeah I think you could do a little bit better in math I think so let's let's do that so I was thinking about I heard you and now she's going to come in at your window at Iago tell you she has done great math she did really really well in math already achieved its great math I just said that because the host okay she's not she's not there so anyway so I thought I said you know what now is the time I it's it's time to do sports on screen with my advice to the class of twenty twenty insight we recorded it and Alex tight shirt you know I felt like it was like a Beatles collaboration where I was Paul McCartney and he was whoever did the songs for the Beatles and we put it together and here was worst George George Martin that's right John Lennon said no no that be actually actually part of the creative yeah and they didn't get along there was a big rival we don't get along we do get a lot yeah but I yeah but I I I was that kind of dating your mom for a while and that's why turn into John Lennon while her his mom would be Yoko Kishi broke you guys some now we're getting somewhere also performed by me you don't worry I don't saying if you know the song there's no singing it's kind of spoken word over music yes that Spock wine all for the first time ever it is sports sunscreen ladies and gentlemen of the front lawn picture graduating class of twenty twenty don't get kidney stones if I could offer.

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