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Connected stay informed KOMO news This is twenty. Four seven news, on, KOMO news I'm Michael Preston thousands, packed the show, where Senator remember Kent police officer Diego. Marino who, died on, the job last week Marino's wife Shelly talked about his. Love for their two young kids our children are young and their future memories of their, father will be few and faded but so much of his larger than. Life character with all of you and I asked that in the coming months and years that. You join me in helping them remember Marino was an eight year. Veteran of the Kent police department he was, a hostage negotiator a training officer. And he received three lifesaving medals you can make donations to a fund to help the widow. And young children of officer Marino you can make. Donations to the DA go Marino memorial fund is now set up at. US Bank locations in the area we're getting more insight into who officer Yego Marino was even before. He started wearing a police uniform he was the kind of guy who taught kids gymnastics then. Left, them, with a, lasting impact. Komo's Tammy Toss joins us with a close friend who thought of officer Marino as a, son Everything about officer. Diego Marino was about others his wife his children his community and the countless lives he touched Process I will. Never ever The amount of time I Before of sudden Merano. Ever put on a uniform Steven Cohen says, in two thousand and seven all of a sudden Marino worked at the little. Gym as a teacher Cohen the GM developed a close bond. With officer Merano so much so he officiated officer Marino and his wife Shelley's wedding call me Papi was working for. The death of his father That really does feel like allows Cohen says officer Marino. Carried the joyful positive impact he had with the kids to.

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