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Class of the George W Bush institute's stand to veteran leadership program bar STAN to veteran leadership program is the newest leadership program here at the Bush center, and it's really an exciting opportunity to combine two things are ongoing values based Bush center leadership programs, which started with our presidential leadership programs included our liberty and leadership programs developing leadership for our Burmese dissidents in our international women's fellow ship program, we lead fostering leadership and women from the Middle East North Africa in Afghanistan. And of course, you know, that, you know, one of the missions that we have here at the Bush center is the foster a successful transition and reintegration for military service to civilian life for our nation's veterans in their family members. And so for five years, we've had some really important programs in work here that helps with employment and with education and with addressing the invisible wounds of war traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress. But this stand to veteran leadership program is a really neat and exciting opportunity to bring together leaders from across the country across all sectors. So, you know, I just left a room adjacent pock who runs Boeing's veteran and veteran employment program, we have nonprofit leaders like Anna Marie, Greg. Who runs the commit foundation? That helps with veteran transition. We have folks who are working in the federal government. You know? At the department of education. And so, you know, it's a real neat opportunity to bring together leaders at the local state and national leader all sectors, business nonprofit and government. Who are working to advance veteran outcomes? What's the basic message that all of them were talking about? But whether it's the Easter seals weather, it's next stop veterans. Whether it's the Ohio department of veteran services, which was part of this deal. What are you hearing from them? That at the end of the day all of the men and women who have ever put on the uniform and their family members. Whether they were wounded injured or became ill during their service for not that all of them with the right supporting transition, whether it's education issues employment issues, whether it's navigating a new life in the civilian world or whether it's a dressing things like the visible or invisible wounds of war all of them with great support from businesses education community, nonprofit and government partners can thrive and just as they did in the military. They can continue to lead in our families and our businesses in our communities for decades to come. So you know, I would say Mitch that's the real message and story overall. But it's it's incredibly important work. It's worked it's really going to advance or country leveraging this cadre of leaders, but it is work and it requires a great national team to get it done to welcome. These men and women home and then to get them into the business of leadership across our country. I mean, you had all kinds of folks at Boeing, and you have the prudential folks there for prudential financial the next class can people apply for that. I mean is it open for application? Mitch thanks for asking that question. This is an all call in. So applications are open right now. For the next class in the next class actually starts in June of two thousand nineteen and we'll run through November of two thousand nineteen and so one of the neat things about this leadership program. I just kind of executive MBA style. The scholars come together once a month for two and a half to four and a half days, depending on the session. And so occasions are open right now. So anybody everybody organizations individuals who are interested in this really neat program have until January fifteenth. So that's actually the deadline to get your application and said, go to Bush, center dot org today and submitted an application. There are great leaders out there. We have met leaders through this program that we never would have if.

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