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Our affiliates, and our listeners that we have pre feeds and every single night during the week when the programs on. Matter. In fact, I think we'd do it on the weekend too. But every night we. Pre feed three hours of the previous night show. The sound thinking here that people couldn't stay up that late. And so, you know, they lost a lot of the previous night show, and it has been working out. Really well, ratings wise for those days stations across country and elsewhere that have begun to show an hour or two or three early in the evening, really really works out because the shows generally flow into each other. And it just simply makes sense to the audience now. Speaking of flow. Wasn't last night. Interesting. Was it? One of the more interesting times you've ever had the opportunity. To see what Hollywood does with the story. And then particularly when it is the focus on one person's life major motion picture on patch Adams life, and then have an opportunity to hear the person for real. Isn't that interesting? I mean, you should really punter on that for a while. I certainly have absolutely fascinating. Well, the power's going out went out again today in California ports, large parts of California. And now they're talking about turning off the power. To the plants that are the refineries. You know, that are turning out whatever it is the various products that refineries turn out diesel number two gasoline, whatever all they turn out there. They're talking about turning off the power to these places to and I watch some interviews on CNN some of the operators, and they said maybe two or three days to get back in operation after something like that. So this is going to become this is going to start start feed on itself. As. Power goes off to refineries and they do have a Bill. They're trying to get through to save the refineries. So they don't go off. But if they do go off it's going to obviously feed on itself. Less. Energy more demand equals, more blackouts. Obviously, right. So what's going on in California? We'll go on again, they say tomorrow, it's very very serious. And we are in the middle of the I just little heatwave of the coming summer. It's going to get a lot worse. And as they click on the air conditioners as predicted in California. I told you that would happen. The blackouts would begin to get very serious, and they are. And if they start shutting I thought boy turning off refineries. Maybe not a good idea. What do you think? All right now at the beginning of this hour, I want you to listen, very carefully. We're going to have Neil slate on next hour, and we're going to be talking about the human brain. Now, listen to me, very carefully because you're not probably going to get to see this in the second hour. I well, I don't know. Maybe you will we have boy do we have some servers. I'll tell you. That's it. Art. Brag on 'em and watch him go down. Neil has brought with him. Of video the likes of which you probably have never seen before. Or maybe some lucky few of you have seen something like this. It's a news crew. Covering man. Who's got a connection to his? I can I can never say that. Not part of the brain. That Neil frequently talks about. A middle there. It is. Thank you. Magdala? I can never never never been able to get my mind Hani all around that word. Magdala? Anyway, he's got a wire hooked up and. It shows what the news crew that's going through this goes through themselves the fell on camera and then the sound man. As they're filming this incredible event. The sound guy. And that guy in the story are getting shocks from touching. This man, shocks, electrical shocks. That's only the first part of this video its video with sound. By the way, I'm about to tell you how to get to it. And you need to go to it early before Neal slave gets here. The real blow away comes toward the end toward the end. This man explains about the energy being created how powerful it is. And also how dangerous it is. It's it could be obviously a very dangerous if you can heal with it you can kill with it. And he takes a newspaper out onto the sidewalk. And. A without at the end each crumples it up without at the end touching it with his hands at all. You'll see the newspaper begin to smoke and burst into flames man holds his hand. What would you say? Eight or ten inches above the newspaper open hands and the newspaper turns Brown. Begin smoking and bursts into flames and all all of this was covered by a camera crew. And it's very clear now you're going to you're going to have to be the judge of what you're seeing yourself. But this is one mother of an amazing video. How do you get to it? You go to art bell dot com by website. You click on what's known you. Click on program. You click on tonight's guest invo-. You you will see mmediately the name Neil slave just scroll down a little bit. And then you will see the first item at the top is what you want right now. Hopefully, we have the servers to dish out to you. And I think we do you'll see entitled real video fire brain dash man, high-speed low-speed, we've got a high speed high quality version of this up there. And we've got a lower speed lower quality version of this up there. For those of you that are able or if you can afford, the weight, I recommend the high-speed version if you can't do it the lower speed one is there either way this you've got to see this. You really got to see this. I have never seen anything like it in my life. And of course, it relates exactly to what Neil Slade is going to be talking about next to our. Oh, my it's absolutely amazing. So next hour Neil will be along to talk about actually all kinds of things. We've got to quite a few things on our list, for example. Neil is now saying that he believes we have a second brain. A second brain. Yes. One here in in the old noggin, but we have another brain somewhere else in our body. No jokes here. Please. Where do you think the other brain is? Oh, I just realized what foolish answers I'm going to get. From a lot of you. So leave them out. I can hear the jokes. In fact, I've already made up three as I've been sitting here thinking about it. I wonder if I'll be able to resist. We'd better ask the question fast. When we get Neil on. Set everything else at rest and then a third very popular category. Neil's been into lately I hear. Brain love chemicals. And the ever popular one one our brain orgasm. He calls her brain Gazprom. All are in the brain right anyway. We'll talk about all of that. And of course, the now infamous famous or infamous, depending on how you look at it experiments that we did using mass numbers of brains in the audience. But again, you have never in your life seen anything like this that we've done on the website tonight. That's where the point or the wire is connected to the man's head. And then the rest of it. So it's it's beyond all reason. And in less, you conclude it's some kind of magician's trick. And I don't think it is. Then. You must join me, and so many others in the audience in beginning to understand that we are. So very much more than we appear to be pile of chemicals worth X number of dollars with inflation. I don't know what we're the human body is worth these days. But. We're more than that. We're a lot more than that. And that's what this video shows. And it's nice to have this level of proof. Where no, of course, the there will inevitably be people around who will say, it's some kind of magician's trick. It's got to be. And that's what the human mind tends to do it tends to relegate to magic anything that. It doesn't fully understand. If if it's too amazing to be true. Then it's magic for some people. Other people understand this is real and can be done. Either way. It will stunned you, and my guess is you will want.

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