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Tell you if it wasn't for that freaking Red Flag? Oh and that ten that ten that that that penalty that look that Hamilton got for answering the pit lane when the pit lane was closed if it wasn't for that penalty from Hamilton I I don't know maybe we wouldn't one but I'm not gonna say that because the managed talented but yes. Pir Guiseley one and I can town grand. Prix if you watched it on, there was a red flag because of of. Cash catch. A crash into barrier he kind of tore up the whole barrier. but they had to basically replace the tire racks and the conveyor belt that you know stops the car from hitting the wall and had red flags session. So basically when they had the safety car Hamilton poured into the pit lane, but the pit was actually closed and they went back and showed a replay of it, and apparently if there's a flashing cross that means that the Ping was closed and they thought maybe Hamilton didn't see it but no Hamilton by once and then he actually went by twice instill went into the pit lane and So at that point F, I was like okay man. By twice, you gotta see so they had to hit him with the penalty. And it kind of ruined his race but you know. Hey. What are you GonNa do and that ended up, you know when Charles Kirk crashes car that ended up resulting in a red flag and a Hamilton I'd start basically from the back and and man pure Gaz League ever since from that Red Flag, I'd started Pierre Guiseley just was on his stuff. I, mean, he was given the drivers a really really good fight and I believe saints also got second with a along with I believe Lance Schrool took third and most deaf is wonderful race I. Really liked on those going on the Temple of speed And they said that that that that that Grand Prix is just always fast and it didn't and it really didn't disappoint but congratulations to mysterious. Guiseley, he deserves it. He's been working so hard to get there and he finally got there and Formula One post on instagram and they said that pair Guiseley unquote quote that you know ever ever since he got behind the wheel of formula car, he's been dreaming of that day where he got. To sit at the top step of that podium and drink that champagne and cheer on with his teammates and the fans. But unfortunately, those fans were not there. But we all were sharing for Mr Gaselee on our TV screens phones in our computer screens and we definitely would send out of eleven. Congrats to him because I was definitely a really wonderful Grand Prix But yeah. So that's what went on in the Italian Grand Prix Now let's go ahead and go onto the Tessie Grand Prix Ferrari. Just, came back from one of their worst Graham freeze I'd say ever and at their Home Grand Prix and they were hoping that you know let's let's hope for a better result But let's just say this much look Clare started off really good and let's actually not let's hold off on that for right now let's go over the beginning. and the first couple of laps of that race because I kid you not and I think every person can agree with me on this..

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