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And there's no mystery about what you have, the flu with color. And and it sounds like dead. You're making the case, which is courageous cuz a lot of folk implosion that. I mean, to be honest, I mean they even some white folks who are worried cuz they feel like it's vaccine created real quick. We don't know there's some doctors the doctor on television the other day. He was saying the patience and anyone who would listen take the vaccine but wait a few months off to make sure that others don't have side effects. I don't know, but it sounds like you're saying African-Americans a particular should go ahead and take the code of accent off a little bit differently. I'm saying that. You, I'm just trying to, I don't know what I'm trying to do is to add your Collective knowledge that you use in your decision. Making my feeling is that I know these scientists have several different credible. African-American organizations, Morehouse School of Medicine, National medical social, who are looking at the same research data and will make their recommendations based on that to the African-American community. And so, consequently, it's almost like a reverse of testing in many ways and let's, let's separate out the code. That silver with black seeds, you got people around the country giving us to give me information, which is fundamentally fall, sex seems to be kind of ruled as these these days, rather than the exception perhaps. So, what ends up happening, is they go to our communities and you talk about that, saves me and terrible. And so we don't get vaccinated. And then when you spend minutes, I mean, dead. Dealing with the usual basis, like, measles and mumps, probably on the light Willis vaccinate, I'm saying that the best one. I don't think that that's a bad position to take off the first one. I don't get me. Some drives me write down that the airport comes in because I recognize that good scientists are put this together and besides I look at the data, you will hear some things coming out from the silver Vargas. Seen this issue about allergy in a couple of patients in England, where they started with the name is that an allergist I can tell you how much is a very specific problem. If you have anaphylaxis to a drug or a peanut, you may not have anything else but I think it's worth noting that the study eliminated those people who highly allergic. So the recommendation would be if you're highly allergic with you. I don't see any reason not to be the first person there. I'm just saying that dead. Usually you going to have to make meaningful decision about the vaccine, get as much information as you can get as much experience as you can talk, and listen to vetted people and then home Community less. And that's what we're trying to be my approach to these three essays is a little bit Southern, I have to try to slip something in often between Drake and Future and people who listen to them. After installation. So that my team is, after what I'm doing has to be the decadence in the Piedmont trying to communicate with the vehicle. I'm trying to use an emotional additional radio off right now so that we pick the topics that I think in fact African-Americans the most certainly the issue of vaccines but we think the asthma and we think prostate cancer wage Against the Machine before device starts on the Costco. Getting me a gasket, I had a small lesion. It was diagnosed early with treated effectively dead. And I'm in that process of doing it. I braided, I could, I waited a long time fortunately it didn't cost him, but I want African American men. I understand prostate cancer. And once you understand it, you also have a podcast of laptop prevent sleep, and I share my own experience of going to the doctor, get the diagnosis represent, what? I was confusing information. And so, I got prostate cancer would be good to point out and also asthma and you don't intend to educate, you just real quick to see it may be something you can do differently if you're sitting around with a particular problem or if you're sitting there trying to make some sense out of it. So vaccine thing maybe what we do with those nine seconds is to get you to think of a little problem and and makes them more informed decisions. I want to try to just to give the audience a bit of a tease dead. Folks, I want to play one of these PSAs. Let me see if I did one of these to play. Let's just try this one of the day from the African-American were on. This project is just like a small pox and measles is, stroller. Versus today, we never move my children, vaccines for those and other diseases. So little children still vaccinated off or refuse to actually put your channel and other children. A serious risk, talking child's. Doctor told me about vaccines. For more information, visit All right. So it's giving you something to think about books, but on that score as an African American physician former prison in and they found an American Wilderness project do do you. Cuz I know you're looking at it, in terms of this new covid-19, and doctor fauci is now saying CNN has a page story. He's marketing directly to African-Americans doctor fauci by pointing out that one of the developers of the vaccine was dr. Kizza Corbin after marriage, some people have seen her in photographs, a new okay. As you've looked at it as much as you've been able to glean from the process. Are you comfortable with the way this has unfolded? And the way the vaccine has been developed Uncomfortable because you have to measure risk versus benefit and I think that the same parameters that were used to 2 a.m. measure other medications and other drugs and other vaccines Williams. Here here's here's been the problem. Usually this process takes longer because it's a lot of bureaucratic process not be on the research projects or process of developing vaccines. It usually the FDA takes months to get back to you about the single day, do they can ask questions. The average wage takes maybe two, three years to come to fruition because of the administrative piece has not because of the fact that they would develop in a hasty fashion, the studies that many many purposes that's a well-designed. It's all that paperwork to go between just discovering them, a drug, or vaccine testing, and getting it through the process. So you suck. About a third of that time. I've been eliminated because of the urgency of the situation. I don't believe that the people that I trust you, looking at this vaccine would allow a vaccine ought to get out in the general public or the data suggests that it would be a major threat. However, there is always a risk of anything but I can certainly tell you what the issue is, native three thousand people dead, a hundred thousand people in the ICU a virus. That's not being waiting for you outside every day for the next thirty five years. I mean, if you go to make a decision. This is the benefit now. Maybe the maybe the mid position is for a few months and make sure that the first wave of people who get this vaccination, you know, gets those of us who trust, the system will begin e pigs and will be messages to you in your communities because I'm going to probably be an early person wage But to go back and listen to the essays, they are not judgemental by demanding, they are just giving you some information. You put it in the catalog page that you used to.

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