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New users can enjoy a $200 sign up deposit match bonus anytime, just use the promo code hrn 200, get in the action today. And of course, tune into America's day at the races both tomorrow and Sunday two 30 to 5 30 Eastern Time on FS two. All right, Dave, they've got two stakes on the Gulf Stream card tomorrow. They were off the turf at Gulfstream today, hopefully they'll be back on the turf tomorrow because both of these stakes are scheduled for the turf. It says it right in their names. And we'll start with race number four. The sunshine turf stakes. This is a race that I believe at one point was called the sunshine millions turf, but the millions have gone away. And now it's a $75,000 purse for the four year old for the Florida bread four year olds and up, going a mile and an 8th on the grass. We've got a field of 7 and wait a minute. Didn't we just see sham rocket run last week trying the main track at Gulfstream in the sunshine classic? In fact, we did. He got a perfect trip that day to get up and win, and he's coming back 6 days rest for Todd, something that I don't recall ever seen for Todd Fletcher. He is the 7 to 5 favorite getting back to his preferred surface. Yeah, I like shamrock last week because I thought it was a really, really soft field and he just towered over that group. This is the first time since 2017 that Todd is bringing a horse back in 7 days or less. And I think this is a really, really beatable favorite. In fact, I love the idea of betting on this race and maybe shamrock gets better and maybe shamrock it's gonna win the race and if shamrock does, I'm going to lose because there are so many things here that I think point to I don't know about that. I think there's I think there's some value playing against shamrock. Going to be the chalk has the biggest figures in the race, but ran just a week ago, like you said, got the perfect trip, the fake in that race was very, very low and I don't think this is the distance shamrock wants. This is a horse that wins stakes races at a mile and a half. A mile and a quarter, we're going a mile in an 8th here and I think the race is too short on the turf for shamrock. So the question is, how do you try to beat shamrock and I'm going to play a bunch of them being Frank about it. The one I like best is max KO for safi Joseph and Ira Ortiz and I read as a piece of the equation these two hooked up for a win at Kentucky downs back in September. Bottom line is I think max KO is going to be in front on a very soft pace and I think it's going to be able to kick on and win. That being said, I'm using lure him in coming from California. First time out since November I'm a little bit interested in what that's going to look like moving from Southern California to Gulfstream, but had a good trip at Gulfstream park as one at Gulfstream park before and I'm the use kachina on the rail for Mike maker to stretching out. But max KO on top. I agree with number 6 max KO, and I rat Ortiz is a big factor in that decision. Last time he rode max KO was the last time max KO got the job done. He loves it there at Gulfstream. By interesting to note, this is actually the first day back for irad Ortiz after that. Incident, the starting gate that you and I were on for a few weeks ago originally looked like he may have a broken kneecap and we would be out for a month or so. You got a second opinion, an opinion he liked better, apparently, and they said, no, it wasn't. It wasn't a fracture. It was just a knee contusion, which, as far as I'm concerned, sounds like a bad bruise. And he's back riding this weekend, sparingly tomorrow and Sunday before he really gets back into the swing of things next week leading up to the Pegasus. But max KO for everything that you said, I think that this race is his to win or lose, and to be perfectly honest. I wish we could get fixed odds wagering. Because if you're going to tell me we get 7 to two on max KO and shamrock at a 7 to 5, I am running to get to the window. Max KO for both Dave and myself in the sunshine turf race four tomorrow at Gulfstream park. Jump all the way forward to the tenth race on the card. This is the sunshine filly in merit turf. Also a $75,000 purse also a race that I think at one point was part of the sunshine millions. These are Phillies and marriage that are Florida breads going one mile on the lawn field of 7 here, Dave, and it marks the return of number 7 sugar fix. She has done very, very well over the last year or so for trainer safi Joseph junior and last time out, one of the claiming crown races right there at Gulfstream. Yes, second off a layoff and coming off arguably her best career race. So you're certainly expecting sugar fix to run well in here. I think there are a lot of ways you can go. I thought the morning lines were going to be a little bit higher on like Kelsey's cross. I think Kelsey's cross who was in that race against sweet Melania last time and his run against summer in Saratoga. I think this is an easier field, but I need a decent price to bet on Kelsey's cross who quite frankly hasn't won recently just one win last year, one win in 8 starts and you have to go back quite a bit further to find another victory out there. I think Kelsey's cross can win, but I'm hoping to get a better price. My pick is sister tool on the cutback for Graham motion and Louis syz, ran last time out in a grade three event at woodbine on synthetic surface. And I think is better on turf. I think has some races that fit very nicely with this group. I like the layoff. And I think it's a competitive race, but I like Cicero tool marginally the best. Okay, so Cicero tool for Dave, I went to the favorite number 7 sugar fix. I don't have any real good reasons for liking this favorite. I just think that she is the most consistent of anyone in this field. I don't think she lays over this field. It worries me that she's coming off a big win last time out. And I certainly don't love 8 to 5. I think she's the most likely winner in the race. I will not be betting one dime on her tomorrow. So while I'm in a number 7 sugar fix on top Dave, I can unequivocally tell you, I am rooting for you with number two, sister O'Toole. I will not have any action in this race. It's just not my kind of field. The sunshine filling in mere turf race ten tomorrow on the card at Gulfstream park. 12 Saturday races in the books. We actually have one Sunday stake to look at. And it's from the big way. It is the $100,000 busana stakes aqueduct myelin and 8th on the main track. These are three year old Phillies and a field of 6 going to post and.

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