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Across Braves win. The Braves hold on to beat the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Braves now leads the National League Championship Series. Two games to nuns have been the final after Atlanta led seven. Nothing through 6.5, then ate three and during the bottom of the ninth, the Dodgers scored those four runs but left Cody Bellenger at third. That a J. Pollock ground out to third toe end the game. Jim Powell called it on Braves radio and again D A. Maybe the Yankees deserves more credit for pushing the race to the limit in the previous round, because Tampa Bay is now on the verge of sweeping Houston in the CS, taking Game three in San Diego last night. Five Teo All those Rays runs coming into six there. Joseon to base third throwing error. In two game. How about the pain of this that if the Yankees score one more run force extras or tomb or runs with that lineup and win that game? They could be up 30 on the Houston Astros. Now I think the Rays are a little bit better than the Yankees, so maybe would have been as easy Boy. The Yankees would have their pound of flesh over the Astros to be on the verge of the first World Series in 11 years, whereas you guys managed one run in that spot. It was fun to remind me of that here with 20 minutes left into Sean. Really appreciative. Thank you. Like I wasn't thinking that already last night when they went up. Yes, I mean the whole three years, the wonder what if, because the regular season doesn't matter, All that matters is October the whole freaking year we have to wait. Oh, by the way On that point, Mariah's is finally gonna pay off the second leg of the bet. And that is Connor Green tomorrow is going to deliver Canadian bacon. To call this a very special episode of Ballpark bacon, and he is going to go over the three most crushing losses and Yankees history and Mariah's Lifetime. So tomorrow Ballpark Bacon with Connor Green. And then, as long as the Rays are alive in the playoffs, which looks like it's gonna be at least another week. It's it's another week of the avatar of Marazzina Raise uniform. And how about just quickly? This storyline? Tom Brady signs with Tampa Bay and all that city does maybe his win championships since he got there. Tomorrow. We're going to talk about this city of champions. The Lightning are the cup champs, the razor a win away for the World Series and the bucket Ears have designs on a deep playoff run. Ah city champs Tampa Bay. How close is Orlando? Can we give them half a point for the Lakers win in the end title as well? Is that a Brady effect to last thing from you guys is from the N ba Tai Lieu, trying to mess things up for at least one Van Gundy, brother right now stands reportedly interviewing with the pelicans with blue getting a sit down there later this week, and Jeff Van Gundy is expected to interview with rockets today. What Lou might be the favorite in Houston after a Monday meeting. He is also very much in play for the Clipper opening. Now I'm done back to you go race, but Bogue's can we also give the winner of the MLS is back tournament to Tampa. Orlando is the city of champions. I forget who won that? That's what it says. Who did win that now? I can't remember either Sounders. Good day. I think no ideas. Yeah, that's just it. It's possible. That's the first thing you think of. Okay, the WN BA champ Sue Bird one in Bradenton, right there in Florida. It's true boy. It's almost like the only bad thing that's happened in Florida. That area's three guys fell off of a cigar boat and nearly around that's the boat destroyed. Capsized. Daily column that mullet tossing being canceled. Father. The embers were tempers. City City. A champion's Tampa Orlando corridor include the Portland Timbers in the MLS is back turned and little of that when we come back, I'm fascinated by the returns. On today's poll question. The poll question was What has been the most important part of the Astros. 30 hole. Is it the Rays? Or is it karma? Wait till you hear what our our poll of feedback is? Pleasure epic Fail D, a CBS Sports radio. Showing Jim Rome in the jungle. We gaze from 12 to 3 Easter exclusively on CBS Sports Radio Analytics is just a term that's kind of thrown around a lot. It's time now for the mother ship's Advanced Analytics talked a lot of sporting about how the rays have gone up 30 against the Astros in the A L. C s incredible defense. Clutch hitting Jose Altuve can't throw a baseball suddenly and all of the brakes or go in the Rays way. So we're asking you what is hurting the Astros Most Is it the Rays and their defense or is it karma? 73% said Karma. Nearly 3/4 of our respondents believe that it's karma that is hurting the Houston Astros. I'm so impressed with you guys thinking that they're outside ulterior motives and forces. They're affected. The Astros don't cheat or karma's gonna come get you. The U. S survey last year, said that 31% of people believe very strongly in a concept of karma. Team two. Take a 30, Siri's leader, the best of seven have went on to win the Siri's 97% of the time. That's 37 1. Can you guess who the one Wass 2000 for Boston Red Sox? Let's get your epic.

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