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And we are back on the one two three Break on Gaming. Fix and So we're going to talk about the giant troll that is me and the very the blood money match that we've sometimes decided not to cover We haven't it's a it's a really weird of event basically money is being given to the WBZ to run events at Saudi Arabia. The last time there was an event at Saudi Arabia. Not not this past one. But the last one They could not leave the tarmac right away because what one of the possible reasons that was given is that Maybe the fact that they hadn't been paid and Vince was Complained about it or something like that and so maybe they use military power to keep all the stars there and that's of course why we had the really big next shop because none of the stars could get to smackdown on time. This was on Thursday. And so we're going to go over the results really quickly. They're good like they're not gonNa make anybody happy but so really quickly. So we had the two week trophy gauntlet match featured Ramos Stereo Truth. Eric Rowe in AJ styles and Bobby Lashley and we had these and of course Why wouldn't if you have something like that? Of course you would think that one of those competitors would have been Who won but it in fact was the undertaker who challenged Aj styles at the end. And I guess now. The undertaker has a trophy for an event that he wasn't entered in. So that's kind of a strange turn of events when we had the Viking raiders versus the OC and the winner of that was Anderson and gallows picked up a clean win over the Viking Raiders With the magic killer Then we had The like I said the undertaker challenging. Aj Styles at the end of the Gauntlet match and thereby getting the Trophy. We had The new day versus the the MS in John Morrison and the winner of that match the While the new day was working well we had the winners being Morrison and Miz. And it's really interesting. Because the new we know part of the day being Kofi Kingston and him being at one time a champion is now Losing to a tag team. That's haven't been working together for all but maybe a month. So that's a little disheartening. Then we had a Humberto crossovers Angel Garza which we've seen on TV and so was a real big surprise that of course I'm seeing here on here when That's the Garza stole the win with Seated pending com- combination and Wasn't a big surprise since Garza has won every Bout against a Krio. Then we had the street profits versus Seth Rollins and Murphy and the winner of that match was. I'm thinking here. It looks like they aren't so good at putting the I WANNA thank We are getting all of our information from bleacher. Report Today But it looks like Oh here we are so it looks like Rawlins Scott the win by hitting stops so that Murphy could get the pen then we had Mansour versus Dolph Ziglar. Beaumont sore is our strong winner as he is a Saudi Arabian descent. So he's kind of the local town boy then of course we weren't too shocked as a brock listener beat ricochet and under seven seconds. Or something like that Did a bunch of fives and one in like two minutes. And we'd King Corbin versus Roman Reigns. Roman reigns finally be corn Corbin after chain assisted Superman Punch for the win then we had Bailey versus Naomi. This was a this is our first female match Having to slow down so this was kind of a cool match. The winner Of this match was Bailey. Then we had and this is the one that was really Controversial to the point that On smackdown when Goldberg came out which we'll talk about a little bit later He was screaming or the fans. Were Booing Goldberg out of the building. but so you can guess who won because we've been building The fiend as this monster that can't be beat and we've been feeding him people like Daniel Bryan and Seth rollins and it was assumed that he would be going against Roman reigns and prop from rains might be beating him but instead they decided to put Goldberg Against Him. And the way that they've booked Goldberg. With with the fiend. Since the beginning is basically like he showed up. And it's like oh he's right behind me isn't he? And very knowledgeable not being affected by the fiends character at all and kind of slowly flushing it down the toilet which hasn't been amazing to most fans and so we have Goldberg for some reason with a SM- with the Balloon Averse with the Blue Universal Championship. And so that was super showdown Smackdown like I said Basically Goldberg appeared. He was booed out of the building. And then we had we had Balian. Sasha banks versus Naomi Lacey Evans and that was a good match and the winners for that was a banks and Oh I'm sorry. The winner of that was Naomi and Lucy Evans. And then we had a Kofi Kingston versus Robert. Rude which we thank goodness actually had a Kofi win on that one But you know that was a big surprise and then we had a A one of those fun contract signings and that was between Daniel side that was later in the night. There was Zine and Shinsegei Nakimora And Braun strowman and they got into a little bit of a tate as will happen to contract signings Then you had a Daniel Bryan versus Curtis Axel Daniel Bryan of course one than the USA vs Ms Morrison and I think that Trying to see then. We had the referee to announce These veterans well known uses. Picked up the win helped him build the momentum heading into the Chamber and then we had John Returning and challenging the fiend. And so we're assuming that we're going to see why versus Seena at the at Wrestlemainia and where are you going to be able to see? Wrestlemainia is another issue. We're going to go through evolution really quickly and I feel bad about this because this was an amazing show but I'm going to try and get through this real quick. I actually had the opportunity to watch. Believe it or not and I did not have a normal way but Highlights are your friends friends. That's all say about that okay. So we had the darker order and we of course had scu beating the dark order in the by in match and then after that we had Dustin Rhodes versus. Jake Hager and Jake heggers first match. Jake. Hager was the winner of then. We had a gallon versus Sammy. Guerrero and we had a very strong match but Darby Allen was your winner then after that we had. Wb TAG team title match. Kenya Mega vers. Hyman page. The young bucks. I'd like to go over that a little bit stronger but don't really have a lot of time but I will say that it was just match for match pound for pound. They were really into it. It was really a good show. I would recommend trying to track that match down. That was a really good match. Psychologically and everything then next we had Which was a little bit of a Downer State? Land of Restyler rose. Apparently outlander was coming over a cold and NYLA. Rose just ran over her. It was kind of a spit of squash. Match wasn't too bad but it wasn't anywhere near the match that came next. Which was cody verses? M J F cody was beating. M Jeff like a rented mule and then the mule attacks and was after reaching in for ring and POW we have an M. J. F. winner and heels will be hills and the last but not least part of the segment. I'd love to go into Omega impact. That was a good match. Pack one of course not a big surprise and your new champion for eighty. W was Jon Moxley and thank you for listening in on this show and this was a gaming fix on. Wpa MD where people make a difference. And I'm going to play us out right now off any mistakes with his summer solving this guy by hair..

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