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Not a mixed metaphor at all that's totally cogent it's totally artistic i mean that just makes me think of like your emotional scars drown your emotional scars with alcohol or something right so you have a metaphor for alcohol which is the drowning and you have a metaphor for emotion which is emotional baggage scars so you put them together and you got an even better metaphor that's how metaphors work courtney's a cancer which is water sign oh oh deep like wine also she's like she's fucked up in the head like lake she has brain cancer no you're personally attacking nicole right now attacking courtney look at this fucking cat right now against him because he's buried in his head is just like upside down like i can't even see his eyes like let let me me get get a a picture mouse for for posterity okay we got a picture tony on the instagram guys yeah to this quote this quote from eric orlands says our band is a collective but courtney has a lot of ideas and it's weird how they infiltrate our lives it just happens like with the drowning theme they were all these things going on while we were making this album like jeff buckley drowning and years before bassist kristen profit died in a bathtub dead yeah shit fan i don't know that that was also an overdose my father died basically drowning in his own body he couldn't breathe which is a gnarly wave putting that but all right.

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