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And subscribe and also to download The Missing Persons application make sure and also please hit the five stars for us that way the algorithms can make it much easier for us to be found on Apple podcasts dead. So keep in mind everybody as I say every week over 800,000 children go missing in the us alone. And a lot of these cannot just be prevented but also solved just by using apps such as the owl once was lost phone application again for iOS and for Android devices, it works on the theory of large numbers. The more people that have the application which obviously is free to download and keep that the easier it is for us to get boots on the ground and have people looking in your area. God forbid the worst occurs. Also Thursday were open for help on That's patreon. Once was lost. That's o n c e l l o s t and just pledged $3 a month help us to maintain the app keep the podcast running. There's some higher tiers in that that have some merch included but you know, just the $3 a month would be shown. Your support and you would be part of the solution and not a part of the problem. So that's really what we're looking for is for people to help out on that aspect should be again a part of the support for the missing out there. So the last we left this we had a lot of these tabloids thought were gunning for the ramseys. Of course. It was a lot of information out there concerning the family and how they were being singled out by the detectives and most of the headlines read daddy. Did it been a autopsy Mom and Dad guilty or the handwriting evidence fingers Patsy them wrote The Ransom notes..

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