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Trying to pass this mall in Texas that makes it harder to attract people who have not vaccinated their children. And he says we don't need to worry about measles here in America. Anabolics? Over there. No third world countries. That's why they're children are dying. Amazes -biotics has nothing to do with how stupid people get elected they run because stupid penal vote for them. Although again, as we've talked about here on the radio a lot of antibac- Saination, people are not stupid people in general. They think they're smarter than everybody stupid. Let's he Brad ward. One some sportsman's expo tickets. Congratulations to Mr. BWI and the winner. Boehner candidate number one, come on pal. He's just an old man with a hat. I guess we finally were outraged enough. I I don't know. Boehner the day for February twenty eight twenty nineteen. It is now qualified to be Boehner the week, Dave the flower guy will decide that tomorrow. What about this time, contrary to what some people may think if I had been been there at in New Jersey at the time that the nineteen year old kid was beating up on an eighty one year old man, we're gonna make America great again hat rather than joining the nineteen year old to beat up on him. I would have tried to help you would've. Yes. Because you're a reasonable person. So did you see bohemian rhapsody? I did see it. Well, it and if you're in in China, you're going to get to see it too. Which is surprising to me. All but I'm sure they'll take out some seeing they they're taking out all of the now, there's not a lot of gay wasn't enough for some people. That's what I was gonna say. There are people that are upset about the lack of we'll have to take it out because the Chinese people don't understand homosexuality because there isn't any there. So they are releasing it in China confusing for them with what what's happening there. I don't understand there. Or no there isn't any homosexuality in China. So I'm trying to think life, you just you'd cut out like some of the party scene. Two boy kisses to boy kissing scenes that must be when my wife told me to close my eyes. You don't care for the boy kissing you just gotta edit it just right at the end when he stops to get that guy to take him to the concert at the end when he goes to his parents house, and he says, he's my friend, and they hold hands to cut the hand holding. Yeah. Yeah. Or they could they could they could make it a speed the film. Let me get a handshake or I don't know who they do that might look like something else. Yeah. There's not much. No, there really isn't. It was PG thirteen. I remember correctly my kids saw it. But again, that's our PG thirteen. You told them to cover up. There is. The Chinese the Saudis. They all have their different rulings. I've learned about this because of the marvel films, you know, and the the the DC movies and Star Wars. There are certain things need to be cut out of those movies because of the Chinese I can't even say, the Chinese culture, I'd say the Chinese government. So yes, Peter Murphy did kiss me on the lips. But with but so that surprises me though, that they would even let the movie because because he's pretty gay even without. No, he's he's American verdicts gave. British. See three P argument. And I've learned a lot about the Chinese market, and how they have to make certain they depend on the Hollywood depends on the Chinese market because so much money comes from them that if they have a movie fail here in America. Like alita battle angel is a perfect example. It did just okay here. But all of its money's being made in China. You know, say crazy for that same with Pacific rim. They all the money's being made in China. So you got to figure out a way to package it for the Chinese government to approve it. You don't want to confuse them. You got to take the shows. There are no gaped. At all no ask him. No. All right. We'll take a break. We'll be back. To wrap this thing up. Finally, oh, Scott HALE this last. Day of free brewery, it is so take advantage of it. Why we had a an Email from someone who said we took your advice about Scott.

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