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At the cost of tuition for higher education if his game his country today it is the scan it truly is and and for a kid to want to go to a forty thousand dollar a year school when a winter parents can barely keep the lights on at home is is touching and infuriated exactly in equal measure yom now it's a it's just a wonderful i mean i saw it and by the way it was also found in 2015 which is at the heart of the freddy gray oh uh grief over friday cresa that is woven in and out of that very gracefully never really you know that the filmmaker amanda lipids it's her first move is just a magnificent job in terms of not putting quote marks about at around everything she just let's she just let's the environment speak for itself but i got to see it in baltimore of a couple of weeks ago at the parkway theater and it's the kind of movie that brings you to your feet and you don't want to sit down he knows great yeah i mean it's just just out of the pure emotion of it is is just magnificent just references freddie grew you i mean the the step coach says oh by the way i live on the street were frutiger greed live uh but it there no heavy and not ones that now this house since this world their room beautiful found i really think it's um it's it's one you know it's corny to call things the feelgood film of the summer but it really it really is i i thought that was valeri in in the city no answer i have a couple of quibbles i thought she sort of glossed over the dance sequence.

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