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And you tell them you heard it on kmby, and you want to do the alien thing. What does it cost was alien thing cost or anything, whatever Bigfoot and play around a golf? Come hit a baseball, come do anything, whatever complete blackjack with Jose. You wanna watch Moore's magic for those eight Komori game. Jose my guy that would be so great. If the Pete Rose if Pete Rose Rosen and Jose, we're in that same place isn't the Balaj wherever that is. I think it's so sad. It is so sad. I walked by it. And I was like and his son Pete junior standing in their most sitting free to come in. Please. Get an autograph leaking like no, it's too sad. Was it? Morgan. Let's go get through the voice messages. You want to go grab a double double with animal fries. Go more again. Whatever whatever you want. Well, that's the whole thing. We've tried to get him on the show before Ogden doesn't he for like five hundred bucks for ten minutes. You call him. Hey, Jose wanna commodities. I gave for five hundred bucks as we d- does. No way. Yeah. Really, no Ogden's call them before he wants like five hundred bucks to come on for ten minutes. Wow. He's nuts. You're gonna go on the ferris wheel. You had to go on that ferris wheel. I'll go with you. Whatever you wanna shoot the Jews organ. I'll tell you how to do it right in the buttocks. Agai racist outs baby box. That's so funny. Can you imagine? What does it sound? Like, hey, we'll do. This doesn't care pay me. He'll do it every day. Exactly like Mikey goes eight he'll eat anything. All right, douse Britain joins us coming up next. We'll talk as major league baseball had to get this logjam a player's going. And maybe we'll be mentioned Jose. And if he knows Morgan next only here on the sports center. Tolbert..

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