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Take on the markets. Lucky what's going on on these markets looking at the currencies and Sterling again under pressure $1 11 to handle at the moment you're a little bit 97.9 U.S. cents for a unit of the single currency This has been the. With a Bloomberg small business report brought to you by indeed dot com, I'm Lisa Matteo. Hourly earnings growth for workers of U.S. small businesses slowed in September, a report from paychecks shows a fell below 5% for the first time since April, Florida was a top state for earnings growth, the small business job index dip slightly from the previous month, North Carolina ranked highest for job growth. If your small business is focused on pets, here's some good news. According to the American pet products association, Americans spend $123 billion on their furry Friends in 2021, up 13% over the previous year. Veterinary care leads the charge followed by food, pet owners dished out 287 million on dog food and 254 million on cat food last year. The spending spree is likely to continue as 32% of millennials and 14% of gen zers own pets, and people's bank is now live on encino small business banking solution, creating a single cloud based platform. And that's the Bloomberg small business report. How are financial services firms managing in this new reality? Claire Santa niello managing director at BNY Mellon's Pershing explains. If the current times have taught us anything, it's a critical role that technology plays in client relationships. Global conditions have

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