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We haven't is the army out at Komodo right now with signs and stuff has anything happened out there. Yeah. What I did is I told Komodo, hey, I'd bring the army in for a nice night a fun night. And of course, the army's paying your your your word means nothing Billy what's going on with the caddy. We're gonna we're gonna be able to shame this cheap golfer in spanner. Well, after a few after a few calls, we finally got his Email address. So I sent him an Email and Spanish, which was a horrific at best grammatically in Spanish, but he got back to me. And he said that right now he's out on the course. But that he's coming back a little later, but he'd love to do it. So now waiting to see what time works for him. Now, you're gonna have to do this in Spanish dance to God's and Meena. So it'll be good radio. Yes, we'll get. How do you say cheapskate and Spanish? So here is the story. I wanted to get to and sports, and this is something that's been whispered about, but I had not seen it confirmed. And evidently now ESPN has confirmed it the NFL has reached out to Adam silver, evidently to run their league, the NFL has reached out to Adam silver and Adam silver's, quote, I'll just say I have not given it any thought. So he's not he's not denying that. There's been overtures and Don van Natta reported this a couple of years ago that there was an overture from the NFL the silver. But clearly, right if I put them next to each other and tell you, hey, who's the guy you want as your CEO who's the guy just based on what you've seen with happened with the NFL and domestic violence and Roger Goodell tripping over his own feet and Andrew and Adam silver, who's considered a progressive silver? Please. I mean, imagine being Roger Goodell like you have been a human meat shield for these guys you have then you have taken every whipping for them. And then to find out that they've got they've been seeking a mistress behind your back. He must be so angry. I think he's fine at five years two hundred million dollars though. Oh, but it can be both to got. It can be hurt. Your feelings are hurt. You have been someone who is taken does public beating you get paid that money to be a pinata. And now, you're learning probably the Jerry Jones. I mean, we can take some guesses here. Right. Jerry Jones is the most powerful man in the NFL Jerry Jones has very public problems with Roger Goodell. Jerry Jones is innovative Jerry Jones doesn't mind circus. Jerry Jones, you'd have to think would love to overthrow Roger Goodell with Adam silver. No, not from what I know about Jerry Jones sensibilities, and what I know about Adam silver sensibilities that would seem like a weird fit for Jerry Jones. Joan van Dan saying he just wants to get back at Zeke. I don't doubt it. But it's just a hard for me to wrap my mind around Jerry Jones being the one that, hey, let's get the most progressive Commissioner, I understand that it's hard for you to wrap your mind about that. Jerry Jones was willing to fight with Adele, if you told Jerry Jones right now, hey, would you like Dell out his Commissioner his answer would be? Yes. And so you have to find better solutions than Goodell. But I think at the crux of the major issue with the owners and Cadel was he wasn't pushing back enough on what was going on politically in that league. So Adam silver's go, but no, but see Mike, you got it wrong. Adam Adam, silver is a consensus builder. Adam silver, the owners very much know that Adam silver works for them. And every once in a while a racist gets out of line and he takes away their team. But the owners wanted sterling out that wasn't silver the owners wanted sterling gonna love a good counterpoint to even my point is Adam silver has a super progressive league and has a reputation of being super progressive guests. What league doesn't have an issue with players kneeling? That's why he's good at his job. I mean. I be surprised I'm with Mike on this. If Jerry Jones the guy seeking interest of of Adam. Mine in the minds. If you think Adam silver will be a better conditioning NFL, it's not about ideals or principles or what he believes. It's about the fact that this never became a story in the NBA like the NFL owners hate the fact that we talked about this for two years somehow, Adam silver is through a combination of his relationships with the players that played a large role in widened become a story his relationship with the press. Let's be real here. The NBA press Adam silver, much, better relationship than Roger Goodell. Manafort press, he managed to keep us from like making a thing out of that. And if I'm an owner, I'm like, yeah. That the guy who, you know, people from getting angry at us like he's really good at his still gets to be. To be woke even though no one's kneeling. It's incredible. Also from a financial standpoint, I mean since silver took over as Commissioner and five years league revenues have gone from four point eight billion to nine point one billion dollars now that the NFL suffering, but that's a pretty staggering number right there. My father does not know the name of the Commissioner he just had dinner with him one night and calls him to this day the man with the umbrella because he thought it was weird that Adam.

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