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All right we now welcome on former nfl quarterback and now quarterback whisper slash guru jordan palmer let's actually start there you're from qb summit dot com are you start somewhere else okay to worst words only words i know yeah that's that's what i want to start with are you a whisper or google you guys like tie in years of the space i think anytime you guys get a guy like maybe a weird non title it's a great opportunity to just like you make up with the word should be okay so snakes let's i've i've looked at a lot of profiles okay you are a quarterback ninja quarterback rockstar what you say you don't have to okay so quarterback ninja jordan palmer what exactly do you do yeah i love hoping quarterbacks kind of at the stage of their career they need to take a step and so as these guys i'm working with the draft you know their tradition from college to produce a huge jump i like helping guys that are that are transitioned from high school to college and then young guys run these camps go qb summits where kids come from all over the country and that's kids that are in high school or trying to scholarship for trying to pick a school or trying to start for the first time and so i really like i can be really helpful in that phase and and the draft is just my favorite because you know there's only one period of time let's say that that these quarterbacks are fifteen years in the league and they started in fifth grade who only one time in their full life where for three months all they're gonna worry about it themselves they don't teammates they don't have coaches they don't have family bugging them to hang out they don't friends trying to get him to go out at night don't have marketing deals classroom other sports just working on themselves and so it's an opportunity in their whole career.

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