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Stand out both the Baltimore and Washington bullets Wes Unseld passed away the age seventy four of five time all star MVP of the nineteen seventy eight NBA finals family says he had been dealing with many health issues recently including ammonia big ten commissioner Kevin Warren forming an anti hate and anti racism coalition in response to the death of George Floyd is invited athletes coaches and school staff to join him at the NFL requiring all of steam's old training camps at their own practice facilities due to the Wuhan virus multiple reports also say teams will not be allowed to Joe hold joint practices Lotto numbers your pick three zero six zero your fifty four zero six five eight and eight thirty three tropical weather on the threes trump products used on delays on the beltway around the southwest side were single lane each way on the inner and the outer loop right in I. ninety five in the area of the Aransas southwestern Boulevard tractor trailer on fire the clean up is going to take a while I'm talking about another hour maybe two hours or more as a step continues to be the problem so single lane right shoulder on the internet coming up from Washington Boulevard the outer loop the ramp to ninety five in southwestern Boulevard are open to trying to take the beltway towards Washington Boulevard and down to the parkway you'll be in a single lane and you're coming behind the scenes I'm Chuck would occur with traffic and weather on the threes on talk radio six eighty WCBS the calendar says June but it feels more like July with this heat and humidity and that's what we're dealing with the rest of this week one or two thunder showers possible this.

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