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On a beautiful capture we're looking forward to using the new capabilities and research center again has brought you this is CBS news CBS this morning join Tony Anthony Mason and this morning we sunny skies and eighty degrees of twelve oh three I'm L. shock WCCO new is a group of dying girl scouts injured in a lightning strike in northern Minnesota are safe after they were rescued from an island on my plate at the boundary waters canoe area officials with the St Louis county rescue squad say to the girl suffered serious injuries but all are able to move on their own a girl scout spokeswoman says the group is from Chicago and they were following a pre planned route one man is dead and forests reported homicide in the Twin Cities in the past two weekends a man was found dead of a gunshot wound around three thirty this morning on the one thousand block of west linndale in north Minneapolis a second man believed to be involved in the confrontation was at north memorial Medical Center with non life threatening injuries the MPs John elder homicide it launched an investigation in the Minneapolis crime lab responded to the scene the process and collect evidence officers and investigators campus the area and spoke with a number of people who were out and about there were two other shooting incidents in Minneapolis overnight one of them downtown the extent of injuries in those shootings not known first a world record in L. world championships swimmer Regan Smith of lake filled today won the world title in the two hundred meter backstroke at the world swimming championships in South Korea Smith is seventeen years old and a rising senior at lake Phil north high school the twins beat the white Sox six to two last night and in the process became the fastest to reach two hundred home runs next Kapler hit the milestone in the second inning I did I heard that throughout the dugout mystery sweet monitor get that I heard it was one ninety nine yesterday so I might have been swinging for who knows the twins are.

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