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Bowie. I tell you, it is an amazing world out there today to The Washington Post and The New York Times trashing Susan B. Anthony because Orange Man bad President Donald Trump says Susan B. Anthony is good on The New York Times after 100 Years of praising Susan B. Anthony Says she's a racist pig on then they praise Bill Clinton on the Democrat Party, and they make up all the stuff about she withdrew his support for the 15 men Total. Miss Samantha Schmidt is just a gender betrayer of the first order. Andi, They're smearing her. It's there. There really something there. They're just they're just something and they're attacking. Or they think they went in. Found A And who was that? Steven Portnoy. Today, CBS radio is tweeting out that they have all gone to this left wing person at the Susan B. Anthony Museum. Who is trashing trump and staying. Susan B. Anthony doesn't want the pardon. Well, no, she should be exhumed and jailed. What do you say will just throw you in jail and the Washington Post, as still many said she didn't do enough to advocate for black voting rights. Well, neither did Barack Obama. But, you know, you guys think that he's Jesus on Earth. Then Racquel Willis, a black transgender activist and communications director for the MS Foundation for Women. This is where the Washington Post and Samantha Smith went to for comment. They went to Rachael Willis. They black, transgender activists and communications director for the MS Foundation for Women, which no one has ever heard of. Tweeted Tuesday. It makes sense that Trump would pardon Susan B. Anthony, a white feminists who didn't mind turning her back on black folks. This is of course, completely slanderous and false, but that doesn't bother you. Cement a Schmidt the gender traitor at the Washington Post, working for Dr Evil, the richest man in the world, by the way, Susan B. Anthony worked with Frederick Douglass Red regularly worked with Ida B. Wells regularly met frequently with leaders of black churches and with black students on historically black college campuses. And still, she's not pure enough for the Racists of the Democrat Party. Today. The pardon also sends a message that answer Anthony was the most important suffragist. And Alison laying an associate professor of history at Wentworth Institute of Technology, another institution. No one has ever heard of said, and that's a message I don't agree with. That's the entire quote, waited a long interview with her, and that's it, And that's a message I don't agree with. That's the quote. There's a reason Anthony's face is perhaps the most recognizable among suffragists. She was ah, one of a few who spent substantial time and money distributing portrait of herself. Like Obama again. We got more Obama stuff going, said Susan B. Anthony is now a goat. She is a villain. She's nobody. She didn't do anything. Oh, you kids got a treasure smear. Her is a very, very slimy people. Very slimy people. Big, Very slimy people. You know, Ellen degenerate. Some people, people that know her color, smell and degenerate. Is that true? People call her smelling. Well, see, Ellen sounds like smelling. So when you're in your named Ellen, and you're in fourth grade people call you smell And if your name is de generous, it sounds like degenerate. So sometimes people you know, equate too generous with the general called Smell in degenerate. Sometimes people do. It's not very nice, but not everybody's always nice, like all those violent mobs that the Democrat Party is loose in our cities, burning and looting and destroying and beating people and mob violence. That the news media covers up actively eyes there Any story in the post on the young man in Portland that was beaten nearly to death by the left wing. Black Lives matter. Mob. I'm just Is there anything in there? I don't think there is. They don't cover that. Because they're not a newspaper there. Filthy, corrupt Nicks and Samantha Schmidt is like the Uncle Tom of feminism. She is That searches for the first time in 100 years. The Washington Post is smearing Susan B. Anthony, and they test Samantha Schmidt with doing it because she was eager to betray her gender. Now, Ellen, generous smelling degenerate. Some people she apparently they fired three producers. Senior producers at her little TV show business. Reputation, never minded her. She seemed fine to me. She even did 20 comedy back in the old days, but she she's big. She's like a $100,000,500 million. She's wealthy private jet wealthy, multiple estates wealthy from TV because, you know dent with Barack Obama and stuff like that. And find find, but it turns out she created a toxic work and environment and allowed her producers to be racist and sexist pigs. And and everybody knew it for years. And then finally somebody raised their head and said, Excuse me, sir. I'd like some more. And they said that everybody there is a pig. And so they fired three of the senior producers and now smelling degenerates. Reputation is not the pier is the driven snow thing, wink wink that it was before So and I was talking to one woman yesterday and said, I think this is the end of smelling degenerate on affection said smell into general. But this is the end of Ellen DeGeneres Center show that can't survive this. She's been canceled because toxic But wait because it gets better. My my buddy Marty sent me along a fine piece here. The National Organization for Women, the president of the National Organization for Women. Perhaps you've heard of it. That one we've actually heard of. That's now now It sounds like a demand. It's in all caps. National Organization for Women president resigns after claims of quote Toxic work environment. Hey, wait a minute. What they move smell into generates producers over there something the president of the National Organization for Women now just in case you don't know resigned in the wake of an internal investigation that found evidence of Government issues that's in quotation marks and in quotation marks again a toxic work and viral upon announcing she was stepping down Tony Van Pelt. Is that, like a fake name is that really the national and Tony Van Pelt is the name because that sounds like a made up porn name or something like that sent an email to her colleagues on the board, claiming as the reason for resignation. Very painful health issue reported the daily Beast. So that means they're lying. Is that is that what I'm saying? That you're lying about this? So they lied. The National Organization for Women had attacked toxic work environment. They had analysis they found the toxic work environment. And then they forced her out, and then she lied because she is a lefty, and that's what they do. If they're talking, they're line. She reportedly added that her doctor had implored her. Four months to stop working. I can only imagine how gruelling it must be being the President Tony Van Pelt of the National Organization for Women in the Age of Black lives matter when nobody's paying attention to women's lives. Yeah, That's what's going on Van Pelt's head Up Until now, she had been ignoring her doctor's advice, so it's really she really got into an elaborate lie here. But really, it's about the toxic work environment and that's and that's what's going on. That's who she is. She is resigning because of the toxic were converted. Kills, who wrote All black lives matter. She huge, dangerously close to saying all lives matter, and we know that that's not allowed from Tony Van Pelt. Hey, that's quite a Tony Van Pelt you have there. All lie all black lives matter, Not all lives. And then she wrote as a white woman should. She should probably open a vein in a tub and do a Frankie five Angels for the betterment of humankind. I'll never understand the experiences of women of color. Really you'll never understand. Will they understand your experiences? I challenge myself to address structural racism and recognize that this is a lifelong ongoing process. It's like being a drug addict or an alcoholic. You know, it's one day at a time. She should get her her chip her coin for like going one day without being a racist, something like that They should do that racist, anonymous The Democrats should start. What an embarrassment. This whole organization is what embarrassment The left is What a disgrace The leftist remember normal. It wasn't really that long ago. Now there, however, attacking Susan B. Anthony because President Trump pardoned her. And these people couldn't be bigger Hypocrites if it were their goal to become bigger hypocrites. 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