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So I had seen something about this earlier in the night was trying to find this quote that I had screen shotted, but worrying doesn't take away tomorrow's troubles, it takes away today's piece, what you saw on my Instagram. I did o EV literally screen shot at it on January night, two thousand sixteen. That was my. Let me see when I did that. I just saw that in a loved it and I post impulse it today. Now today it was a few days ago. Yeah, I posted it on six days ago. I said, I saw this quote today. I loved it, and I, I swear watcher stories. No, it was on my story is on actual Instagram under this photo. Oh, you're kidding. Get into the mic. Sorry. 'cause I heard Will Smith. This story has stuck with me ever since I heard it Will Smith was talking about how he was going skydiving and he, you can YouTube it. He'd probably tell waiver than I do not. Probably definitely. He's going skydiving in the day before him and his friends were like, yeah, we're gonna jump out a plan. This going to be awesome. And then he went home and all night. He was freaking out about it like, oh my gosh, I can't do. I'm so scared him so nervous. He couldn't fall asleep because he was so anxious about it. And then the next day he gets on the plane sonorous, he's up in the sky is about to jump knees like freaking out. And then he says, as I'm jumping all of a sudden night, like all of a sudden just fill an overwhelming sense of peace and complete one hundred percent bliss. And he's like, why was I so worried that just ruined my day yesterday for absolutely. No reason. Yeah. Even if and. I've heard this in a lot of self-help books. I've read before, but even if something were to go wrong, why? Why are you gonna waste the days before worrying about it? Right. I think in it's called the five second rule. By Mel Robbins, she says the same thing where she worries about her kids a lot and she's like, it doesn't do any good for me when I send them on a trip and I'm like, oh my gosh, with they get in this, what they get in this, she's like, it doesn't help to Rune even if our to happen to ruin the moments before of it had our last moments bite worrying about it, just like living and a lot of the times we Rune everything by doing that. And then we built it up in our mind. And then when it comes time, it ruins the experience. Yeah. No, that's funny. Obviously, I love the Cy posted a few days ago. I, I thought that was so good. 'cause I'm totally guilty of that. Like the what ifs. We'll what if that went wrong will what if this in like, yeah, it's just it does take away. Your piece and there's no need. Even if like you said something is gonna go horribly wrong. Like why are you wasting your experiences before it even happened? Yeah, exactly. If you don't even know if it will happen, so I like so lot happier who stopped doing. Yeah, I love that. Okay. Ahmen. Well, thank you guys so much for listening in again. Thank you for all the amazing feedback. The reviews, the emails, everything you guys have done for us. We appreciate it so much seriously. We sound kinda monotone or saying that right now, but like thank you. But we, I cannot even explain the amount of text that means as send each other with screen shots of nice messages a reviews or whatever it is comments and. We are shocked. Seriously, shocked. You guys are so nice to us and we feel undeserving and were still kind of wondering why people like us. So then he is so much new guys can find us at any on any social media at what we said. Podcast inland, like always a few guys liked this episode. If you want a screen shot it and posted on her story, that'd be awesome. We pick someone every week to send a little package of goodies to. So if you wanna get it on that, get on the goodness in get on it. But really, we appreciate your support. And is there anything else? No, you guys can Email us at what we said podcast. Hello. What we said podcast dot com. If you guys wanna get in touch or you can Damase. But we live so much. And that's what we say.

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